Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summertime Cupcakes Incite Raging Case of Lesbianism

I love surprises. I love surprises best when they involve the sweet taste of revenge, victory, or sugar. Today's surprise will leave you with a taste for the latter. 

The gal over at B More Sweet has taken the excitement and joie de vivre of summertime, and creamed, mixed, and whipped it into this little surprise for the senses.

She calls it a Strawberry Funfetti Cupcake. I call them The Sweet Elixir of Life. I like my name better.

As her name would suggest, yes, indeed, these are funfetti cupcakes. And while they were made from a box mix, I'll let it pass, because she's doctored it up by filling the cupcakes with whole strawberries and topped it with Key Lime Cream Cheese frosting, pink sanding sugar, lime zest, and a wedge of fresh lime. 

I have no problem going lezzie for a quick second, just so I can give this woman a big ol' French kiss as a thank you.

Photos via B More Sweet

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