Friday, July 23, 2010

Serious Eats Takes Cupcake Review Very...Seriously

New York City is to the cupcake culture as Israel is to the Jews: Mecca, birthright passage, crowded.

So, when I read that one of my favorite experimental foodie websites, Serious Eats, chose the very best cupcake in all of New York, I figured they'd get it right.

In total, they sampled 60 cupcakes from 47 bakeries, including well-known establishments like Magnolia Bakery, Crumbs, and Billy's Bakery. After narrowing down the top 12, they settled on Baked, based in Brooklyn no less, as the overall winner.
 Image via Serious Eats
The flavors sampled at Baked--they look pretty good

My NYC cupcake experience is limited to having sampled day-old Magnolia cupcakes transported via bus to DC by a very kind intern, so I can't quite offer up my two cents here--you know I would if I could!!! 

What I can say is Magnolia didn't even make the top 12 in the Serious Eats line-up (and deservedly so). Somebody should really tell these people they're wasting their time:

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