Thursday, July 22, 2010

CupcakesOMG! Turns One-Year Old

Today is this little blog's birthday. Can you believe it?? I finally found something I didn't want to quit after a few weeks. My mom is surely very proud.

How did I celebrate the birth of my virtual child? Well, sadly, I'm on one of the boring-est diets known to man, so alas, there were no cupcakes. I did however buy these:

Image via Tilly's

Yep, those are key the shape of cupcakes. Cupcakes with personality, I might add. Right now, I'm really favoring the mustacheod cupcake. I imagine his name would be Senor Cupcake, Manuel, or Rrrrrrrrrricarrrrrrdo. 

My celebratory purchase came from Urban Outfitters, but in cassic hipster mass-produced fashion, I overpaid. They were $8 at the store, but I found them for $5.99 here.

So how are you celebrating CupcakesOMG!'s one year anniversary? More importantly, what flavor did you celebrate with??

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Anonymous said...

I just found your blog via your post on DC cupcakes being as fake as Georgetown. Hysterical and OH so true. I have HATED G'town since I first set foot in it 10 years ago and am pretty sure it exists only to make me feel ugly, poor and fat. (Wow. I swear my self esteem isn't really that low...that's just what G'town does to me!) Anyways. Awesome blog. Mine is about to turn "1" too! I can tell you this much - I won't be celebrating with Georgetown cupcakes!

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