Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cupcake Recipe Link Time

No-bake Grasshopper Mint Oreo Cookie Cupcakes?!?! I'm in. jk-ing about the no bake part, btw, I just thought it sounded better ;)

The PR blitz for DC Cupcakes in in full effect, bitches! Now Sophie and Katherine are whoring themselves out sharing one of their favorite childhood recipes, Ice Cream Cone cupcakes, on YouTube. They're so effing cute. I hate them.

If you're making Ice Cream Cone cupcakes anyway, why not make some homemade hot fudge sauce to go with them??

Isn't, like, the something-year anniversary of Elvis' death coming up? Either way, you don't need a good excuse to make these vegetarian/vegan cupcakes in honor of the King's all-time favorite grilled peanut butter, banana, bacon sandwich. Do you think Elvis was preggers when he came up with that one?

Since we're on the topic of peanut butter, these Fluffer Nutter Cupcakes filled with Nutella looks absolutely, dare I say, bananas!!!!

If you're like me and currently punishing yourself by not eating life's pleasures, such as cheese, bread, and more importantly, sugar, maybe you could spend your weekend knitting this cupcake hat and mitten set instead. Maybe you also want to watch paint dry, but it's your call.

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