Thursday, April 1, 2010

This Just In: The French are Still Excellent Bakers

Having a brain double the size of the average person means that I need to be challenged. So, occasionally, I'll just read blogs in different languages. Coupled with my air of superiority, that typically means I read French blogs. Fast forward to right now, when I land on these parfait cupcakes!!!! 

How do you say: Jah-DORE!

Since I can read French (i.e., I know how to turn on the translate feature), I can tell you that these parfaits consist of Limoncello-soaked cupcakes, cut in half, layered with raspberry mouse, topped with Lemon buttercream. Then of course it was sprinkled with un peu pink sprinkles. Voila!

And Merci.


Meg O. said...

What a cute idea for a cupcake! Tres bien! (that means I know French, too)

Unknown said...

yum looks amazing xxxx

vibi said...

I'm sorry to find this nice tribute of my cupcakes, only a year later! Nevertheless, I'm very, very flattered... thank you so much!

...and by the way, those were ...délicieux! ;)

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