Sunday, February 21, 2010

Cupcake Munchies at Baked & Wired

I'd been wanting to try Baked and Wired for a long time. Well, I finally did right before the holidays. I know, I're probably asking "Melissa, is this review even relevant anymore?!" To which, I say "who do YOU think YOU are?!! I'm the one with the blog and I do what I want!!"

Admittedly, the flavors may have changed in the past couple months, but the quality undoubtedly has. These are straight up, some of the MOST delicious cupcakes I've ever had.

The cupcakes are literally put on pedestals and encased in class jars!! It reminds me of the children's classic puppet movie,  The Hugga-Bunch, in which the Evil Queen's youngberry tree (her fountain of youth) was housed in a glass case. She could only get to the magical berries with a key, which ultimately she loses in the very glass case meant to protect her precious tree from children and their puppet friends.

Nevertheless, I look at these cupcakes very much in the same way that the Evil Queen in The Hugga Bunch looked at her berry tree--this is MY fountain of youth! I've caught myself more than once saying to strangers "Go ahead, feel free to compliment me!"and for no other reason than the fact that I know as much as I do about cupcakes.

But about Baked and Wired...yes, these beauties were absolutely phenomenal. I was accompanied on my journey by my friends Erica and Julia. The day we went, there was a small line, which didn't bother me, as it gave me time to review the selection on display:
Chocolate with Vanilla Buttercream

Peanut Butter Chocolate

Texas Chocolate Sheet Cake Cupcake

There were many others, but the people behind me in line were getting pretty pissed, so I had to make my selection and get on with my bad self. I went with the cupcake everyone told me I had to try: strawberry. 

I have a lot of respect for a well-executed strawberry cupcake. We all remember my failed attempt to make them. 

Do you see that real strawberry!?!

I was incredibly happy to find a real strawberry cupcake that was as pleasing to my eye as it was to my belly. The fresh strawberries were my second favorite part of the cupcake. My favorite part was the icing! It was sweet, but fruity, and there was a generous amount of it, but it wasn't all mounded in the middle--it was evenly distributed across the top, meaning I didn't have to unhinge my jaw to take a bite. The cake was pretty good, but it was a bit airy. 

Those chocolate cupcakes you see flanking the sides of my strawberry cupcake belonged to Erica and Julia.

Pretty sure this was a chocolate mint cupcake. It was RICH!! I love chocolate, but I can't do this. One bite was more than enough for me, but look at that frosting, shimmering in the overhead lighting. It's gorgeous. Julia and Erica have stronger chocolate palates than I, and even though they thought their cupcakes were delicious, they couldn't finish them either. (Editor's Note: I do have pictures of my friends enjoying their cupcakes, but I fear that if I post them, they will no longer be friends.)

Will I go back to Baked and Wired? Yes, yes, a resounding YES!!! Why wouldn't I return to my fountain of youth?! I really want to return when I feel more comfortable perusing my options and there aren't so many peasants in the mix. Plus, this isn't just a cupcakery, this is a full-on bakery!! Even if you don't like cupcakes, you probably like cookies, brownies, or pie!! And if you don't like any of those, then you're probably a robot. And nobody likes a robot. Nobody.

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