Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lavender Moon Cupcakes Review

I know what you're thinking: it's been a while.

I know, I know. But I've had a lot going on, okay? I'm allowed to have a life, aren't I? Even if it is almost entirely dedicated to the pursuit of happiness cupcakes, but still!

I suppose I do owe you an explanation. You see, I got a car. I got a car because I got a new job. Anway, long story short, I've been busy.

But like I said, I got a car. And in case you didn't know, getting to Alexandria from Dupont Circle sans car had proven difficult over the past two years (read: I never went to Alexandria). So, with my new car, what do you think I did first? I took my friends Georgia and Julia to Lavender Moon Cupcakes, obvi. (I'd include a link, but it seems they don't have a website...wtf?)

I'd heard quite a lot about this place before going. After all, they made it to the final round of The Washington Post's Cupcake Wars, so I figured there was at least good reason to give it a go.

In  apropriate group-of-girls fashion, we promptly asked a very confused and rather snippy group of ladies to take our picture outside the establishment:
Next, I proceeded to document all the photogenic cupcakes. These were vanilla and vanilla raspberry:
Why hello, carrot cupcakes, chocolate high hats, and Georgia peach cupcake:
Oh, and I'd be remiss to leave out the blackberry and strawberry-frosted guys:
For all you visual types, this is the interior of the store. Are you surprised that the main color scheme is pink? Are you?? And how 'bout that chandalieir, eh?:
Tell me, have you every seen a happier person? I got a vanilla cupcake to try and the chocolate covered cherry (chocolate cupcake with cherry buttercream dipped in chocolate ganache) for us to split:
Okay, so I really just wanted two cupcakes, but do you see this thing??
Georgia, my sweet, southern Georgia, of course ordered the Georgia Peach Cupcake, a peach-studded cupcake topped with whipped cream:
The cake had a good solid crumb with a cool whipped cream frosting. Ultimately, it was the group favorite for a warm end-of-summer day:
Julia, my hippie, California girl, chose the chocolate salted cupcake: 
The chocolate cake was dense yet moist, and they doled out a generous amount of frosting. It was delicious, but you'll need to brace yourself--there was a lot of chocolate. In retrospect, the box of chocolate milk I imbibed with this goody was just a tad too much, well, chocolate:
Here's where I told them to take a bite. What I failed to mention was so that I could put it on my blog. Say hi, ladies!:
Alright, here's one of me enjoying the vanilla cupcake:
The cake was good overall. A few air pockets, but great flavor and light. The cream cheese frosting was perfect with the cake, too. Not too sweet, a little tangy from the cream cheese, and a fair amount of it too. It pleased me:
And finally, as the grand finale, the chocolate covered cherry cupcake. So glisteny, so chocolatey, so...caloric:
By now, we were feeling about 9 months preggers, so we just quartered the thing and called it a day. It was the first time I had a really good cherry buttercream. I don't know how they did it, but it had a bright cherry flavor without being runny from the juice:
Lavendar Moon Cupcakes lived up to the hype, and thank God because after a couple other unmentionable disappointments, it was about time I found an alternative to my ol' standbys. The generous flavor selection is good for all tastes, minus a gluten-free option for those with food allergies, and the icing to cupcake ratio is applaudable.
Ah, I almost failed to mention that they only take cash or check, and there's no ATM in the shop so be sure to come prepared. Otherwise, be ready to grab your cupcakes and run for it!!
Will I go back? You betchyer sweet a**, I will. Did you forget? I have a car, people--a car!! I'm going wherever the cupcakes take me now.


heather said...

I'll be in Alexandria tomorrow and thanks to you and your fabulous blog, this cupcake shop might be a nice break from apartment hunting. :)

Joelle said...

Spotted: My freaking awesome birthday cupcake!!! SO yum! Thanks again! I will surely have to visit!

jada said...

Congrats on the new job! That was quick! And, speaking of cupcake reviews, if you are ever in Chi town I need to take you to Southport Grocery for their AWESOME, plain ol' chocolate and vanilla cupcakes.

Anonymous said...

BTW, they do have a gluten-free cupcake, just not every day. Can't remember what it's called (think it's just flourless dark chocolate with sea salt or something) but it's made with almond flour and is like a very yummy flourless chocolate cake. I believe it's frosted, but the cake is great on its own. For GF, it's better than the Buzz cupcakes, but Buzz has a variety all the time. I think Lavender intends to have 1 GF flavor a week. For non-GF, the choc with pb frosting and choc top is pretty good. Wish they'd have a web site with the day's flavors posted if nothing else, but apparently it's pretty much the whim of the chef on any given day. Now if only Georgetown would make GF, imagine......

Georgia said...

Ok - let's try this again. Julia and I are famous!! So blessed to have made it on the blog - and in my cupcaking dress no less! And just so the world knows, I was living the high life this Saturday at Lavender Moon; not only did they have a Georgia titled cupcake, but a Cherry one. SHUT UP! Yeah that's what I said, too. They knew I was a'coming. LIFE IS GOOD! And so were those cupcakes..

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