Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I Know Everything About Cupcakes!!!

Lately, some of "The Daily Cupcake" subscribers have been sending me links to pictures of cupcakes or cupcake-related things, like these brain cupcakes...:

...or this NYC cupcake truck:

Let me start by saying I appreciate this, I really do. Not only because you've taken the time to notify me of cupcake news and events, but because you're obviously getting into cupcakes yourself. Admit it. Just a little...ehh??
That said, what no one has been able to do is notify me of something I didn't know. Whether it was a cupcake shop, a unique flavor combo, or just a new article about cupcakes, if it's not a national secret, I know about it.
So, it is on this day that I hereby challenge all of you to find something, anything newsworthy that is cupcake related that I don't already know. There may be a free cupcake in it for you.
Good luck. You'll need it.


Jada said...

I'm gonna do it!! Just you wait... :)

Anisha said...

What were cupcakes originally baked in!? (and I don't mean cups!)

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