Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Rachel Zoe's New Clothing Line: I Do Not Die

Rachel Zoe is a brand genius. Homegirl can spot a trend from a mile away, no matter how many sequins, feathers, and studs it may be drowning in. She's such a style icon, she's even shaped the lexicon used by influential trendsetters like myself, obvi ("Ba-na-nas", "Ahmazing", "Lit'rally", "Shutting it Down", and of course "I Die" are among my favorite Zoe-isms). So it's no surprise that in today's multi-hyphenate-career-ambition crazed society that she'd venture out beyond peasant things like celebrity styling and into, say, designing clothes.

And she did. Once upon time, Rachel struck a deal to co-design various accessories for QVC and put her moniker on things like scarves, cocktail rings, and handbags. It wasn't groundbreaking design (a few faux fur vests, some floppy hats), but it was affordable and enough on-trend that it worked.

But apparently it wasn't enough, because Rach went and did this:

These are looks from the new "Oh So Zoe" Rachel Zoe collection available for pre-sale as of today at Neiman Marcus, and it lit'rally HORRIFIES me to admit that there is nothing being shut down about these looks.

There's nothing wrong, per se, with her simple silhouettes and color palette. It's just that there's nothing, oh, I dunno, AHMAZING or BANANAS about any of these pieces. Furthermore, since the price tag on these items (and high end retailer selling her wares) suggests she's meant to go up against the likes of Diane von Furstenburg or her multi-hyphenate peers Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's Elizabeth & James line, I'm disappointed the clothes aren't more interesting. I mean, this is Rachel Zoe we're talking about--student of excess and vintage Chanel. Where's the spice??

Even the simplest, most classic clothes can have interesting details. Perhaps I'm not seeing them?? Or worse, perhaps they're not there.

I do like a few pieces, including this $295 sequin dress:

I'll reserve my final judgment for seeing the clothes in person (maybe the craftsmanship is impeccable!), but for now, I do not die.

How about y'all? Do YOU die for this collection?? Do you think Rach was BANANAS for unveiling this collection in the first place? I LIT'RALLY want to know everything you think in the comments!!


Meg O. said...

Hmm... interesting. Not sure I'd pay those prices, either, for the simplicity of it. Like those shoes, too.

Unknown said...

i agree - its nothing that exciting or that i haven't seen before. not really bad just not exciting.


Jenna | The Paleo Project said...


Katie said...

I might like the shirt in the second picture, I can't see enough to tell. But do I like the white purse. The rest is kinda crap.


Carlinn said...

The white suit is soooo amazing!

Christina said...

I had the SAME reaction... I am so so glad some one else was underwhelmed as well. You were kinder than I was tho... I think they look cheap (I know, mean... but I dont mean to be mean). Great post! My abhorrence for the looks was the reason I didnt post on them.

Lee Oliveira said...

OMG thank god someone said something about this. I didn't think the collection was that ground breaking. I was kinda expecting more but I guess she wants to make pieces that sell because we all know thats were the money is. I mean... look at all the designers now doing lines for the mainstream stores. They know they can make heaps on money this way.... fast fashion.


Unknown said...

its so glam, i love it!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

Jane @ Jane's Junk and Treasures said...

I die for Rachel........but also died over the prices!!!

WTH she forgot about the us smaller than life people, the people that watch her show.....

Unknown said...

Such a Gorgeous Dress, love it! You look amazing!

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