Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Kids and Cupcakes -- Maddies Birthday

A few weeks ago, I was commissioned (yes, commissioned--I'm practically an artist you know) to make my first official appearance as the Cupcake Lady. The mission was simple: bake cupcakes and teach the guests/kids how to make and decorate said cupcakes.

{And this before any sugar}

The mission also included a clause about having enough stamina to withstand the renewable energy of a gaggle of 7-year-old girls, but I seemed to have overlooked it.

{Set up for the cooking lesson}

Cupcake Lady's first appearance was in honor of little Maddie's 7th birthday. Per the request of the birthday girl, I was asked to bring chocolate cupcakes, undecorated of course, with a variety of frostings.

{Some tools of the trade--an ice cream scoop for the perfect amount of batter, a glittery
pink spoonular for scraping down the sides of the bowl, 2 1/2 sticks of room temp butter,
and of course, a pink hand mixer. The stand mixer isn't exactly portable.}

After a quick, messy, and surprisingly focused chocolate cupcake baking tutorial, the recipe for which you can get here,  the girls (and youngest child Jackson) took a break for pizza while the cupcakes baked...and I regrouped.

{This is probably how the world's leaders should have peace talks--over cheese pizza and Capri Sun}

{This adorable toe-headed girl had a gluten allergy. Although I wasn't prepared, she was able to enjoy the decorating experience}

Finally, with bellies full of pizza, popcorn, and Capri Sun, the girls and Jackson were ready to get their cupcake decorating on.


{Just some of the treats for decorating}

After a quick lesson in frosting tips, I could tell the girls really didn't care about the Cupcake Lady anymore. Let's face it--I was standing between them and sweet, sweet sugary sweetness.

And then finally, it was time to blow out the candles.

It really doesn't get more joyous than this.

I decorated the remaining cupcakes for each kid to take home as a party favor while the girls went in the basement to play dress-up. And then I passed out.


Meg O. said...

So adorable! You inspired me for my next birthday party idea. No lie. And I have that hand mixer, too!! YAY! (But I'm not cool like you and have the stand mixer)

Unknown said...

ok the cupcake lady is super cool! and ps im glad you are posting on your blog again!

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