Monday, August 23, 2010

Cupcakeries and Illegal Aliens Have More in Common Than You Might Think

Like so many immigrants coming into America with little more than a dream in their head and twinkle in their eye, now even cupcakeries are being documented. 

Cue the Saved-by-the-Bell-style aside: What's with this country and lists? Seriously, if America were a person, she'd be the anal retentive girl in high school who sat in the front row to take copious notes, ran for student body/theatre club president, and could recite every female Supreme Court Justice...alphabetically. In other words, me. Or Tracy Flick. She liked cupcakes, too:

 I too made cupcakes for my "presidential" campaign;
sadly, nothing electoral rhymes with "Herald"

Anyway, Cupcakes Take the Cake has taken it upon themselves to begin the daunting task of cataloging every last damn cupcake shop in the WORLD!!! And by world, I mean U.S. They've come up with 422, and the list is still growing (they're missing a few in NoVa-- Lavender Moon and Alexandria Cupcake come to mind first).

You can see the full list here, but as it pertains to the D.C. community, here are the shops in our tri-state(ish) area. It just makes me realize how many more cupcakeries I've yet to try...and judge:

Carolina Cupcakery (Chesapeake)
Carytown Cupcakes (Richmond)
Cupcakes Actually (Fairfax)
Signature Cupcakes (Fairfax)
Two Sweet Cupcake Boutique (Richmond)
Babycakes (Richmond)
Cupcake Central (Virginia Beach)
The Cupcake Ladi (Reston)
Frostings (Glen Allen)
Just Cupcakes (Virginia Beach)
Pearl's Cupcake Shoppe (Richmond)
Reese's Cupcakes (Richmond)
Roxie's Cupcakes (Virginia Beach)

Washington, DC
Baked & Wired (Georgetown)
Bakeshop DC
Bona Fide Cupcakes (custom)
Cake Love
Delleicious Desserts (custom)
Georgetown Cupcake
Hello Cupcake
Lily Lane Cakes
Red Velvet Cupcakery
Rhonda's Cupcakery (custom)
Something Sweet
Sally's Gourmet Cupcakes (custom)
TreetShop (delivery)
Baltimore Cupcake Company (Baltimore)
Cake Love (Baltimore)
Charm City Cupcakes (Baltimore)
Frosting Bakeshop and Coffee Bar (Chevy Chase)
Georgetown Cupcake (Bethesda) 
Nostalgia Cupcakes (Annapolis)
Sweet Devotion Cupcake & Creperie Cafe (Havre de Grace) 

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