Thursday, April 1, 2010

This Just In: The French are Still Excellent Bakers

Having a brain double the size of the average person means that I need to be challenged. So, occasionally, I'll just read blogs in different languages. Coupled with my air of superiority, that typically means I read French blogs. Fast forward to right now, when I land on these parfait cupcakes!!!! 

How do you say: Jah-DORE!

Since I can read French (i.e., I know how to turn on the translate feature), I can tell you that these parfaits consist of Limoncello-soaked cupcakes, cut in half, layered with raspberry mouse, topped with Lemon buttercream. Then of course it was sprinkled with un peu pink sprinkles. Voila!

And Merci.


Megan said...

What a cute idea for a cupcake! Tres bien! (that means I know French, too)

kirstyb said...

yum looks amazing xxxx

vibi said...

I'm sorry to find this nice tribute of my cupcakes, only a year later! Nevertheless, I'm very, very flattered... thank you so much!

...and by the way, those were ...délicieux! ;)

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