Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Free Cupcakes for Gay Marriage

Generally, I prefer to avoid anything related to political causes, human rights, or caring about people other than myself, period. It takes away from the time I could be spending staring at myself in the mirror. But tomorrow, DC's Superior Court will be officiating same-sex marriages and I'd be a terrible Lady Gaga fan if I didn't get on board with this cause!!!!

If this weren't exciting enough news, Hello Cupcake (one of my favorites) will be giving out FREE cupcakes to the first 200 couples tying the rainbow-colored knot! 

If this doesn't move you to support same-sex marriage, then you clearly lack tastebuds. I mean, look at how those two cupcakes love each other so...LOOK AT IT!! They just want to lick the frosting right off each other, and so do you. And that's natural.

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