Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Deep-Fried Cupcakes...'Cus Why Not?!

It is universally agreed upon that most food tastes better when served on a stick.

It is also generally agreed upon that most food tastes better when deep-fried. Damn, frying food keeps this gal in business!!

Thus, there's like, some law of something or whatever, that says that deep-fried food ON a stick is like, the holy grail of all food. Throw a cupcake into the mix and, well, let's just say we're lucky the world didn't get sucked into a vortex of suffocating deliciousness!!!

Photo via CakeSpy

The genius behind this creation is Jessie Oleson, the same woman reponsible for the cupcake-themed Christmas cards I sent out this year (you're welcome!). Where's her Nobel Prize, Nobel Prize committee?!? Can't you see that this woman has managed to find the cure to WHATEVER ails you (excepthighcholesteroldiabetesobesityingeneralandthatinsatiablevoidthatwillneverbefilledbyfood)?!!

Anyway, when you're done licking the screen, you can find the recipe for self-induced organ failure here.

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