Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Exercise Your American Right to Vote...on Cupcakes!

I speak a lot about the greatness of this land we live in. Between our inalienable rights, our rich history of technological advancements, and the very artistes upon which all of this is possible, America is really all about freedom and self expression (and knocking everyone down who stands in your way).

And that's why voting is important. There's probably other reasons, but they're not as relevant/I needed to transition.

If you're a decent person who appreciates their rights to bear arms and plead the fifth, then it's really only fitting that you vote in NBC DC's Golden Local award for best cupcake.

Granted, your choices are between Baked and Wired and Georgetown Cupcake, but then again, isn't that the framework of most elections (two candidates that may not even be qualified enough to be in the running, but hey, you've gotta work with what you've got, kind of thing?). You know what I mean.

I've already voted, but I won't share my thoughts given my highly visible, strongly influential public persona.

You've got a week to vote, so there's plenty of time, but let's face it, you really wouldn't be a true American if you didn't wait until the last minute. Mark your calendar to vote next Wednesday!

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