Tuesday, August 11, 2009

This one's for you, Hannah's mom--Orange Creamsicle Cupcake

Do you have those days where you just feel ordinary?

Wait...not "ordinary." Not like, Bridget Jones-ordinary. More like, not special? Not stand out? Like people can't see just how fabulous your outfit is, or how nauseatingly hilarious you are, or how delicious your cupcakes are???

Ah, you probably have no idea what I'm talking about. And let's face it, usually I wouldn't know what I'm talking about either since I'm so ridiculously good-looking and talented, however, I AM having one of those days.

But then, something happens--and it's generally a really small thing--but still, something happens that kind of turns you around, reminds you that even if you aren't standing out or doing anything "special" that day, that in fact people do notice you; that suddenly, that hiccup in your routine or not making good on something you said can disappoint.

I've been hearing from several of you that you're enjoying this blog, which really means a lot more to me than I'll probably let on because, let's face it, I'm too cool to care...you know.

But it does warm my cold, cold heart.

However, there's one reader in particularly that's made me feel rather "special" today, and no it's not my mom (although she would agree that I'm special, onnnnnnn more than one level). It's actually another reader's mom. And it was Mrs. Rowley in fact that pointed out that I neglected to post the recipe to this Orange Creamsicle Cupcake:

Looks...creamsicle-y, doesn't it?

So yes, I promised to post this recipe last Friday. Last. Friday. It's Tuesday!
And thankfully she sent me a comment asking, nay, demanding the recipe be posted ASAP (that's ay-sap, not A.S.A.P.), and thank God she did. Because regardless of the intent behind her reminder, it kind of fed my soul today, or whatever.
So if you're looking to feed your soul...er...stomach with this orange creamsicle cupcake, you can follow the link here, as the directions are less recipe and more story, very much like today's evening post.
Thanks, Hannah's mom.

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Jada said...

These look amazing, and so cute! Not sure if we've ever met, but I'm Dave DiCosola's girlfriend and he told me about your site, b/c I too, am obsessed with cupcakes : ). I also have a cooking/food blog: www.betterwithbutter.com. Love the cupcake recipes, keep 'em coming!


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