Tuesday, July 15, 2014

One Less (Hair) Problem: Ian McCabe Studio

It's amazing how much can happen in 5 months. Are blogs even "cool" anymore?? I've taken to watching reruns of Full House on Nick at Nite these days, so I don't think I can be trusted to know. Oh, and I turned 30, so...I'm dying. I mean, not really (although I guess, aren't we all dying all the time just a little bit? I've gotten very existential in my old age). I guess what I'm trying to say is, "Hi. How are you?" 

So within those 5 months, I started watching shows that remind me of my childhood at the very time I undeniably became an adult, and my longtime hair colorist opened his own namesake salon. Goals: Some people have them, other people are lazy. 

The Ian McCabe Studio is, without question, the answer to all your hair problems. And in the words of Ariana Grande, that just means one less problem.
 [The Ian McCabe Studio carries pretty much every Oribe product known to humanity...]

Ian is a master colorist, which basically means he can do anything you can dream up. He's made a name for himself for his balayage expertise and color correction, but I' a big fan of his work on redheads.
 [...including these purse sized sprays. I bought the Anti-Humidity one, obvs]

The entire team at Ian McCabe Studio is incredibly talented. I go to Ian for my color, but I also see Isabelle for my cuts. She's a master at taking off everything she needs to without making me feel like I just got scalped. When I just need a blowout, Kevin is incredible! He's so sweet and can work a round brush like it's his job. I guess that's because it is. Neven is also world-class for cuts, and Jess and Allie are highly sought-over colorists--you know, just in case you're in the neighborhood for a new stylist.
The salon carries two of my favorite product lines: Oribe and Davines. I mean, no joke the selection of Oribe is unreal. What's more, they use the line at the shampoo bowl. DYING!
 [These Davines products are amazing for keeping your color rich, even if it's not chemically treated]
And, I'm sorry, but this shampoo station--that's woven wallpaper!! It's badass. And to answer your question, no, they don't know who that woman is, or if it's even a real image, but shit it looks coold, amirite?!
 [The chic stations at Ian McCabe Studio]
This is Matt, the salon manager, and the reason I know Ian at all (isn't he adorable?!)! Matt and I used to work together. When he spotted what he referred to as my "regrowth," which up to that point I had so gauchely referred to as my ROOTS, he mentioned his boyfriend Ian to me and convinced me I had to see him. Three years later and I won't let anyone else touch my hair. Remember...one less problem.
[Menu of services--I get a single process color, face frame highlights, and a gloss,
but I pretty much trust Ian to do whatever he feels like]
Between the amazing talent and the gorgeous space, I really don't know why you wouldn't want to make an appointment here. Unless you're the dickhead Ariana is singing about...OMG are you!?!?

Want my color?? Or at least, something equally amazing? Check out Ian's salon:

Ian McCabe Studio
1101 23rd Street NW
Washington, DC 20037


Natalia { All the Things, etc } said...

I've got a fever and the only cure is more GINGER. Feeling inspired for my appointment on Thursday!

Megan | Freckled Italian said...

I love your hairrr! Also love that you're blogging. Miss you!

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