Monday, September 2, 2013

Makeup Monday: Food and Grooming

I don't know if y'all know this about me, but management consulting isn't a real big passion of mine. I mean, it's what pays the bills, but it doesn't really feed my [black] soul, ya know? Recently, I've narrowed down my biggest passions in life as two things: food and grooming. And this is for anyone who takes issue with the superficiality of my passions. THIS IS WHO I AM!!!

So, in an effort to pursue my interests beyond just earning a paycheck, I asked a couple of my beautiful friends to come over this weekend and let me paint their faces. I was pretty pleased with the results.
Meet Anna: I've been friends with her longer than just about anyone I've known in D.C. We went to college together, although only crossed paths a couple times. It was when we met a few months after graduation in D.C. that we grew really close (read: we went out on Friday nights, let guys buy us drinks, and then recovered together on Saturday mornings and relived the night before's atrocities over brunch). She's absolutely hilarious and intelligent and, clearly, gorgeous, but I told her to come over with no makeup on and make a sour "before" face so the transformation was as dramatic as possible. She's a good friend!
 As I've never seen Anna sport a red lip, I decided to do a very classic old Hollywood look on her, featuring a simple, wing-lined eye and vibrant red lips.
I think this look suits her really well, but I'm guessing she won't want to do this every day--so to make this more daytime/work-friendly, skip the liner and swap the bright red for a cherry gloss. Unless you're me, in which case WEAR IT ALL!

Meet Leslie: Leslie and I met about three years ago when I decided to compete in the Miss Virginia USA pageant system (spoiler alert: I lost and aged out...but my makeup looked amazing). She was my coach and mentor, but more importantly, we became instant besties! Leslie is the tall, blond hot chick who walks in and gets attention from every guy in the room but she doesn't even realize it, which means she isn't a dick about it and still manages to make friends with every female she meets. Oh, and she will LITERALLY give you the shirt off her back--I've seen her do it.
Given Leslie's pageant and modeling background, I wanted to do something a little edgier on her, so I went for a bold purple eye with purple glitter liner and a shimmery light pink lip to balance the whole thing.
I put a couple messy french braids in her hair to finish off the look. And it was this day that we discovered purple shadow looks great on her! 

To make this look more wearable/work appropriate, skip the glitter liner and go for a more pastel shade of purple.
Thanks to both Anna and Leslie for serving as my models, and more importantly, my friends!

And yes, you can hire me! Email me for rates and availability if you're interested!


Megan | Freckled Italian said...

Love it! They both look fabulous!

Jenna | The Eighty Twenty said...

They look STUNNING! I have seen Leslie with full makeup but never Anna and I'm loving it... they are both so pretty. I hope this is a weekly or monthly occurrence and also, do me do me

Anna said...

You're like a makeup magician! Seriously. It's like you traded your soul to the satan in return for unworldly grooming skills and devilishly good makeup techniques. Not only did you make us look even more gorgeous than we already were, but you also taught me a couple new tricks for my own bag - and I was no makeup slob to begin with! Thaaanks!

Laura Humphrey said...

A couple of beauties!!! Melissa - you taught me everything i know now about makeup and for that my face and eyebrows thank you. :)

faria said...

Lovely makeup.. They both are looking stunning!

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