Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Bridal Showers: Turning Sensible Women into Raging Bridezillas Since 1981

Before we left for Hawaii, my amazing Maid of Honor Ashlee and bridesmaid Laura threw me the most incredibly bridal shower! I was so touched by all the work they put into the event and ecstatic that so many of my friends made time in their weekend to be with me. And because I'm under the impression you want to see every last sugary detail of the shindig, I AM sharing ever last sugary detail of the shindig! 

{My beautiful friends made it such a fun and special day!}
{What?!!? Papparazzi!? Who possibly would have called them!???}
{The lady who made it all happen--my gorgeous MoH Ashlee}
{First line of business: champagne cocktail}
 {...with a gold sugared rim, no less}
{All you need to know is rock candy in a glass of champagne is deliciousssss!!}
 {Pretty ladies Emily and Allie}
{Needless to say, possibly one of my favorite things about the day--DESSERT TABLE!!!}
{Cake pops shoved in rainbow sprinkles! WHAT?!?!? INCREDIBLEEEE!!!}
{Macarons in rose, vanilla, and salted caramel. Crowd favorite.}
{Ashlee had the event catered with the most gorgeous and delicious spread}
{I'm DIPE-ing--Documented Incident of Public Eating}
{Look at that bevy of springy ladies!}
 {This was a fun and embarrassing game called "Guess How Old Melissa Was," in which everyone saw my natural hair color and early signs of drag queen.}
{OBSESSED with the tassel garland Ashlee found. So much so that I'll be reusing it for the reception as a backdrop for our photo booth!}
 {PRESENTSSSSS!!!!! mineminemineminemineminemine}
 {My mom was able to fly in for the weekend! I'm so glad she was there for the festivities!}
 {With the lovely Megan and divine Anna}
 {Every good party has a favor--baby champagne!}
 {Two people I went to school with. Donna and I went to high school together--she was a cheerleader, I was an outcast--and Anna and I went to college together, although we didn't truly meet until we both moved to DC after graduation}
 {Here's when I told everyone a story about a creepy vice principal in high school who tried to get me in trouble for a skirt I showed up in one day. So what if it was covered in sequins? It was mid-thigh!!!}
 {Ashlee made a video of Kyle answering questions about our relationship--the goal was to get our answers right. Things I learned in this game: Kyle's celebrity crush is Ryan Gosling and his favorite part of my body are my "eyes." That's code for boobs, you guys.}
 {I finally have a cake stand!! Thanks Em!}
 {Megan bein' all pensive and gorgeous}

 {Here's my gorgeous and adorable bridesmaid Laura playing papparazzi!}
 {Ashlee wrapped my gifts in the same colors as our wedding}
 {Incredible serving pieces from Allie}
 {Custom wine charms Ashlee got on Etsy}
 {I'm celebrating 'cus we got the dishes!!}
 {And this was when we made wedding dresses out of toilet paper. I judged.}
 {Here's my beautiful friend Leslie. She was the one who decided to give Donna an Angelina Jolie leg slit.}
 {My mom getting in on the couture-let paper}
 {Anna's cathedral veil was prett-ay, prett-ay, pretty good}
 {End of party sugar rush. Worth it.}
{I was really excited about the balloons!}
{With my mom and future mother-in-law! I felt really lucky to have them both come to DC for my shower}


Megan | Freckled Italian said...

It was so fun! Miss you!!!!

Meg O. said...

What a beautiful shower!! Looks like you girls had a lot of fun! And you look gorgeous, as always!! :)

Laura Humphrey said...

Everything about that day suh cute and fun! Can't CAN'T wait till Vegas baby!! ;)

Jenna | The Eighty Twenty said...

dying over this. it looks perfect!

Gayla said...

Gorgeous & sooooo much fun! So happy to have been there to celebrate with you, your friends and Kyle's mom.

"Baby, this is gonna' be the start of something big!"

jackie said...

I love your dress! This was such a gorgeous shower and the champagne bar makes me jealous.

Also, Megan's face in the picture of you telling a story: hilarious.

Unknown said...

Everything and everyone is so pretty and springy :)

Jamie said...

The decor, the guests, the food-- Gorgeous! I love the wedding dress toilet paper game! If I ever throw a shower, totally doing that :)

Unknown said...

Yay!! :) So excited for you and Kyle! And of course, cannot wait for VEGASSSSSSS!!

Erica said...

beautiful shower! and that dessert table with cake pops standing in sprinkles...um, GENIUS! my shower is this weekend and if i don't have that, well i'm just going to have to leave my own party.
jk. no but really.

Lydia Armstrong said...

Jesus effing Christ--so much beauty! First let me just say, it is literally stupid how beautiful your mom is. And your adorable friends! Your MOH wins as best MOH ever. Holy cow!! The spread is amaze, and that freaking video idea??? Totally great. WHHHHHYYYYY do I not have gold sugar on the rim of my champagne glass and a freaking rock candy stick in that shit!!!!

Kristen said...

Love your dress! I'm getting married next June and am already starting to look for dresses for all my wedding festivities! And love the champagne bar! Do you mind me asking where your dress if from?

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