Monday, February 18, 2013

Is This the Perfect Work Bag?

Last year, I purchased a Paschli Philip Lim bag, as seen here, and while I love carrying it in the crook of my elbow and passing judgment on everyone I see, it's not exactly ideal for my 20 minute walk to work. So for the past couple of months, I've been searching for the right combination of fashion (clearly) and *sigh* function. I figured I needed a shoulder strap for easy toting around, but it should be well made and a transitional fabric that can easily work for after-work drinks or dinner with Kyle. 

Cue--who else?--GiGi New York! I love my all-in-one clutch, so when it came to finding a bag that I would deem worthy of being seen with that would also hold my lunch, iPhone, make-up bag (for my two-a-day touch ups), and countless loose tissues, it just made sense that the newest edition to their line-up, the Freddie tote, would fit the bill!

I'm especially in love with GiGi's new spring colors, so I thought this bright yellow would be a fun addition to my closet, but I also have my eye on the mint and coral versions.

If you are salivating over their new Spring line too (and of course you are), well, I have good news for you: all CupcakesOMG! readers get 20% off their next purchase with the code "OMG". Now we can ALL have style and substance! Yay!


Lydia Armstrong said...


To answer your question.

Anonymous said...

What a great find! I bet this tote would work great as a carry on as well!

X Kenzie

Gayla said...

I have my eye on a little Michael Kors studded navy bag with a chain shoulder strap, but not sure it's such a good investment. I've read that the dye rubs off. Thoughts?

TheFashionableTeacher said...

It's a great bag. But, I thought that the Philip Lim came with a shoulder strap. If not, a bag that big really needs an optional shoulder strap.

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