Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fake Leather, Real Weather

{Cardigan: AllSaints, Faux Leather Leggings: Blank Denim, Tank: F21, Clutch: GiGi New York, Shoes: Sam Edelman, Ring: YSL, Watch: Michael Kors, Bracelets: David Yurman, J.Crew, Sunglasses: Thierry Lasry}

This past weekend, Kyle and I headed up to the beachy town of Newport, Rhode Island. For those of you unfamiliar with New England, no that's not sarcasm. Newport is actually known for its gorgeous beaches and mega mansion summer homes once belonging to the Vanderbilts and other very rich, very tiny (as their furniture would suggest) white people.
And now, it's known for my incredibly chic faux leather leggings and grey twist cardigan, thankyouverymuch.
A couple months ago, I decided my fall wardrobe would be sorely incomplete without a pair of leather leggings, although when I realized the real thing would cost me an arm AND a leg (ZING!), I quickly switched my hunt to the faux variety. These Blank Denim leggings come in under $100, are sickeningly comfortable, and have ankle zippers so, ya know, your ankles can breathe...? 
Because Rhode Island, unlike D.C., was not built on a swamp, it's actually quite cool there right now. You might even say it's "fall," and so it was the perfect excuse to break out my favorite surprise back cardigan.
Less weather appropriate were my shoes, but as I only bought them at the end of the season, I have to get my fill of exposed toes while I still can. So what if I got a mild case of frostbite? So. What.
 I topped the whole thing off with my REAL leather GiGi New York All in One clutch and called it "macaroni!"
That was a Yankee Doodle reference, did you get it?? I dunno what it has to do with anything, although we did have pasta the night before and it was f'awesome, you guys. Uggggggghhh, pasta why are you so delicious???, she said as she brushed her hair out of her face:
Has anyone else bought a pair of (faux) leather leggings this fall? Is it actually even weather appropriate to wear them where you live yet? How are you wearing them??


Megan | Freckled Italian said...

You look fabulous! Those shoes are magical.

Rachel said...

Love those leggings- not sure if I could pull them off but you certainly do!

Corey @ When We Wander said...

I love the look of leather pants but haven't fully committed to a pair yet! I'm taking baby steps - I recently bought a pencil skirt with some faux leather paneling!

Jenna | The Eighty Twenty said...

I'm loling so hard about the called it macaroni part.... WOOO!! You look awesome and I feel partially biased about how much I love these photos because you're right near my Alma Mater!!!

christin said...

Wait...so you really can "breathe" in those guys? I've been on a hunt (I'm known to be extra sweaty it's gross...i get it)

Unknown said...

Great outfit, the leggings look like real leather, you could have fooled me!



when we wander said...

I haven't bought leather leggings, but I just bought a leather peplum top last week that I may have already worn twice. Whatever! Also, love Newport!


eelsay said...

I love the shoes! Hope you guys had fun!




Gayla said...

You look fabulous! The pics are great! I'm not surprised, though...you always look fantastic. Love the leggings. I don't have any leather or faux leather yet, but I did just purchase a pair of red/black snakeskin leggings that I love and are super comfy.

Dree said...

Okay, I love this whole look. You're making me really wamt to buy some faux leather leggings. I kind of have this fantasy fashion image in my head of me wearing a white peplum top with faux leather leggings. It haunts me. Your shoes are also spectacular, I must say!

The Egg said...

those shoes are faaaab

xo the egg out west.

Jules said...

I just got a pair from H&M, can't wait to wear them! And call it macaroni! :)

Unknown said...

Hows the sizing on those leggings? They are still in stock so was thinking of picking up a pair. Do you have to size up? down? true to size? Based on the material I'm almost assuming i'd have to size up several sizes as I'm curvy.

CupcakesOMG! said...

@Megan in my experience, theyre true to size--i got what i would wear in jeans and they fit perfect!

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