Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Fun Find: Bakerella Cake Pops Set

A long, long time ago, in 2008, I stumbled awkwardly upon a blog that introduced me to cake pops. Icing and cake rolled together in the shape of a cupcake and dunked in chocolate and various colored candy melts and served on a stick??? My life would never be the same. I would check this blog religiously to see what this magic blogger lady would whip up next: butterscotch cake; pumpkin pie bites; strawberry Oreo panda cupcakes!!! I just couldn't get enough. By this time, I already had a healthy obsession with cupcakes, but I knew far less about baking them. I'd like to think that blog had a lot to do with initiating my interest in learning to bake them on my own, even if she does end up using boxed cake mix from time to time, but I'll let that one slide. This time.

That blog (in case you haven't picked up on it) was Bakerella. I know it's nearly impossible to have an original idea anymore, but dammit, I would fight to the death to uphold the legacy of Bakerella having single-handedly invented cake pops, because I'm pretty sure she did. I mean, she literally wrote the book on it. It's because of her that you can know buy lollipop sticks at Safeway! Back in 2008, though, it was a different story. Bakerella had to get her supplies from specialty baking supply stores, and in some cases, just figure shit out on her own. 

But just as we've done since the dawn of time, we've taken something beautiful, pure, artistic, and devoid of commercialism, and molested it beyond recognition for the purpose of mass production. What I'm saying is, Bakerella sold out and now has a Cake Pop set, hitting a Toys 'R Us near you in September.

Bygones, you guys. I actually think this is totally effing brilliant and can't wait to get my grubby hands on one of these sets, that is ironically being marketed as a toy for kids despite the fact that many adults I know can barely manage to make cake pops on their own, let alone kids with their underdeveloped frontal lobed brains. But whatever.
The set comes with a nesting plate for the pops to hang out while the candy shell hardens, various molds (including the coveted cupcake shape), a few bowls, and a cake grater. It's pretty much the best thing since sliced bread, and despite the fact that the set doesn't hit shelves for a couple more weeks, so many of you were intrigued by the cake pops I made for the book club a couple weekends ago (a commenter even left my a link to this set--even though I'd already seen it--sometimes I'm a hipster, and yes, I hate myself for it), that I've decided to make this my Friday Fun Find of the week!

Does anyone else read Bakerella? Have you tried making cake pops on your own? Do you plan on buying this set??


Lydia Armstrong said...

So cute. Cake pops were the 21st century's best invention.

Laura said...

This is pretty! I would buy this just to have it and never use. :)
Let's face it though all of those cake pops we made the other week turned out amazeballs. Please call me when you receieve this so I can help you make more of your delicous pops!
:) :) :)

Dash Interiors said...

What a fun blog!! SOOOOoo nice to meet you :). Thank you for sharing!

Gayla said...

Cute! Throw an EasyBake Oven into the cart along with the CakePops set, and it would have been little girl me's version of the best gift ever!

Erin @ Currently Coveting said...


Unknown said...

What a sweet little set! I need to get this!



Sunshine - said...

Love them and love making them. I may get this

Maja said...

So cute. I want it! :)

Kait said...

Ohhh girl, you had me at Safeway selling lollipop sticks. Personally, I think Starbucks selling them is a crock of shit unless Bakerella is getting a percentage of the sales. I have been making cake pops forever and am obsessed with them. I make them for all events and you better believe I'll be the first in line to buy this sucker at ToysRUs

Michelle Ho said...

Thank you for sharing with us that Safeway carries lollipop sticks! I am planning to make cakepops and need to purchase the supplies after class!

-Michelle Ho

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