Wednesday, July 25, 2012

This Just In: Austin is Still Weird

{Me in front of a Barbarella wall--I later found out this was actually the
front of a bar aptly named "Bar-barella." Clever, Austin. Verrrrrrrrrrrrrry clever.}

I'm no fool. I know you've all been dying to see pictures of my trip to Austin a few weeks ago. Well, you're in luck, because today I don't feel like blogging much, so I'm just gonna slap some pictures up and let you marinate in your jealousy. Enjoy y'all!
{The first Tex Mex meal of the trip. There were about 4 total. In 7 days. In my mind, it wasn't enough.}
 {A random planter covered in stickers.}
 {Live music is EVERYWHERE in Austin, and it's all really good. The locals take it for granted though. The people dancing in this picture are probably not locals.}
 {On our first night out, I was approached by a man who asked me what my favorite animal was. I replied, "something I'm not allergic to." Then I took my assignment more seriously and said "Seahorse!"He then took out a sheet of foil, told a few jokes about a fight between a grilled cheese and a taco, and a few minutes later I was holding this amazing creation. I can't think of a better story to characterize Austin.}
 {I saw this wooden hitch and felt compelled to do a lil' ho down.}
{Then I was like, "oooo, it would be such a good 'blogger' picture to take a close up of this old driftwood at an angle."}
{I mean, you can't go to Austin without a trip to the legendary SaltLick for barbecue!}
 {Kyle had never had a Big Red, but he was convinced he needed to order one. He's partial to know. Anyway, he hated it, but it reminded me of my childhood. I used to love the bubblegum flavored soft drink. I'd actually forgotten about it, as it's only available in Texas? I think? Is that right? Maybe Arkansas, but then that's probably it.}
 {I got the mixed plate of sausage, ribs, and brisket.}
 {They also serve it with this amazing German potato salad...}
 {...and gorgeous fluffy white bread.}
 {Look, I ate it all, okay??? I'm not even a little embarrassed.}
{Kyle and I in front of a fountain that's probably important but I don't know 'cus I don't read plaques or whatever at the University of Texas.}

If you're wondering where all the pictures of the Whole Foods are (Whole Foods was founded in Austin, in case you don't know), they're getting their own post because it was just.that.good.

Who else is a fan of Austin? What's your favorite BBQ place? And what do you do stay cool in the heat???


Michelle said...

Long-time lurker, first-time commenter . . . I can't help but ask, did Kyle go to UMW? The Mother's Rugby tipped me off!

CupcakesOMG! said...

@Michelle i was totally waiting for someone to ask that! yes, he did. did you??

Unknown said...

I'm going to be marinating for a very long time!!!


Jenna | The Eighty Twenty said...

Holy food. I've never been to Texas, as you know, but I have a feeling I'd gain 300 lbs after visiting. Everything looks amazing.

Happydally said...

I live an hour away from the Salt Lick (in San Antonio) and is DANGEROUS! :) Hope you had a great time in TX, thought it is too damn hot in the summer. :(

Gayla said...

Awesome pics! Now I have to get bbq for lunch today! P.S., I'm impressed you ate everything on your plate at Saltlick - did Kyle help you at all?

Bree said...

Looks like a fabulous trip! I've been itching to go to Austin for some time may have inspired me to take the plunge!!

Dream in Fashion

Kiley said...

I think we were in Austin at the same time! I went to UT a couple years ago. I freakin' MISS that city.

Salt Lick is just........there is no comparison.

Megan | Freckled Italian said...

I need to visit Texas. Love that last picture of you and Kyle-ie.

Lotus Blossom Design said...

Great pics! That food looked amazing.

Franchesca Havas said...

Now I am just home sick! It has been over 10 years since I have been back to my old stomping grounds.
If you ever get to the Dallas area look up the Hard 8. It is even BETTER than the Salt Lick. There are two locations just outside the DFW area. :)

Lisa said...

I LOVE Austin! I also especially love the Salt Lick! We have family who have a house in Wimberly so we have been there so many times. It's so good!

Michelle said...

Yes, I did -- '09! I knew some of the guys on the team too. If I didn't know Kyle (which I don't think I did, unfortunately) then I probably knew his friends...or knew people who knew his get the idea. It was a small school :-)

Sarah said...

I believe we are going to TX soon. Clearly I need to start starving myself now.

The Egg said...

now i'm starving.

Anonymous said...

Just came across your blog! My boyfriend just got back from Austin and I recognize the same picture of the fire pit at the Salt Lick. Great blog! I'm fellow new blogger living in DC too.

Lydia Armstrong said...

I want a weirdo to make me a aluminum animal on the street. Bill and I are actually supposed to be moving to Austin in a couple years because they have a big comedy scene there and he is a stand up comic.

Leah said...

Austinite here and saw the link to this blog...which I LOVE! There is so much to do here and yes, I am one that takes live music for granted because it is literally all over.

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