Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Taking My New Vitamix for a Spin

Unless you leave a comment, I literally have no idea who reads this damn blog. It's like, I could pass my biggest fans and most dedicated readers (love you guys!!!) on the street and regard you with little more interest than a Planned Parenthood volunteer. So I'm sorry in advance for those of  you who read CupcakesOMG! religiously (as you should) and already knew that my birthday was last week, but for those of you who don't (you should), it was my birthday last week. 

There's plenty more to come on the trip Kyle took me on to Austin and Houston, as well as the diabetic-shock-inducing pecan pie and chocolate sheet cake my mom made for us (totally worth it), but today I wanted to highlight the amazing present Kyle got me--the Vitamix! He really IS the best gift-giver, you guys. He's also the best boyfriend, and I probably don't deserve him, but I do a pretty good job distracting him from that fact by blinding him with glitter and forcing him to watch RuPaul's Drag U.
My guess is much of the Cupcult already knows what a Vitamix is, but for those of you who don't come here often, it's this turbo-powered a nutshell. You can make everything from ice cold sorbet to steaming hot soup. Like, you can actually make the soup hot IN the blender! Not that anyone who didn't have  a death wish would even want to eat hot soup in the wet, wet heat we've been enjoying the past few weeks, but ya know, comme ci comme ca.
Naturally, I wanted to break it in with a paleo recipe, so I whipped up a quick and delicious smoothie from banana, raspberries, and peach. Garnished with a mint colored straw and fresh mint leaves, it was the perfect way to beat the heat AND enjoy the spoils of riches bestowed upon me.
Does anyone else have a Vitamix? What's your favorite recipe to make with it?? 

Banana, Peach, Raspberry Smoothie
Makes 1 large glass

  • 1 banana
  • 1/2 cup raspberries
  • 1 small peach
  • 1 tsp raw honey (optional)
  • 2-3 Tbsp (I just eyeball it) of coconut milk
  • handful of ice
In your Vitamix, toss in fruit, honey, milk, and ice (in that order--the blades will process the ice best if the fruit is pureed first) and turn on Variable 1. Rapidly increase the speed to the highest variable and blend until your desired consistency is reached. Pour into a tall glass and serve with a straw. Preferably in a pretty color.


Jenna | The Eighty Twenty said...

Send me all the mint straws!!!! Kyle really is the best gift giver. Rowboat?!?!?

Jada said...

Don't you freakin' love this thing? We got it as a wedding gift and it took me a while to break it in, but once I started using it I couldn't stop. Used it last night for a big batch of pesto.

Jada said...

Oh! one more thing! Be careful about making hot soup in it--I tried your faux-tato soup in it without cooking the cauliflower first (figured the heat from the vita-mix would "cook" it)--big mistake. It was really bitter. Also, keeping it on for as long as you need to to make the soup hot makes the soup almost have a foamy consistency. Some people might like that I guess!

Unknown said...

Wow, looks very delicious! I want to make it tomorrow too !! Thank you very much for the recipe!

Gayla said...

Beautiful pics, as always. The last one is my favorite because it is like I am the one about to actually drink it! Secondly, hope you and Kyle have recovered from your diabetic comas! C. I love that the Vitamix has "variables" instead of speeds. Super swanky!

sara said...

i love your blog! :) i think most readers comment when they have questions about the recipe... at least that is what i do! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday ... seeing your food posts drives me crazy bc i wanna rip them right out of my screen!!!

Erin @ Currently Coveting said...

How did I not know this machine existed until now? I want one too! You are one lucky lady to have a good boyfriend, hope your bday was as fabulous as you are!


Francia said...

I was just catching up on your blog, saw this post and immediately made a smoothie!

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