Wednesday, June 20, 2012

How the Hell Am I Supposed to Wear These??

I'll admit it--I fell into the "Emily and Blair look amaze in boyfriend jeans...I NEED BOYFRIEND JEANS" trap a couple months ago and splurged on the pair you see above. Now, not only am I $125 poorer, but I'm still at a complete loss for how to wear these loose fitting, long crotch-ed, ripped jeans without looking like a frumpy mother of four who has resigned herself to driving a station wagon and looking forward to date night at Chili's. 

I have so many questions:
  • Can I wear these to work?
  • Do these make my butt look big?
  • Should I dress them up?
  • Should I dress them down?
  • Will I look stumpy if I wear them with flats?
  • How fitted should these be at the waist?
  • Would this be an acceptable swimsuit cover up?
  • No, but seriously you these make my butt look big??
So, if you have answers to any of these questions or suggestions for how I should wear/how you wear them, please leave them for me in the comments. As much as I like my money where I can see it, a la Carrie Bradshaw, I like it even better where everyone else can see it (i.e., on my person in public).


naghmeh said...

well if you're on the shorter side I would recommend you wear something a bit more fitted on top but if you're tall go ahead and wear a loose shirt. umm you can definitely dress them up! button up shirt and a pair of killer heels and some big chunky jewelry. ooor dress them down with flats but if you wear flats roll up the bottom more!
hope this helps and if not, I'm sorry!!! haha

Jenna | The Eighty Twenty said...

are these what you wore to the Roanoke White Power Party? I think if I were to wear them, I'd go with a wedge for summer. But on top? No idea.

christin said...

I dress mine up for work with patent sandals and nice JCREW shells but you can do so much with them! I like to wear them with a baggy tank or tee for running around on the weekend with minimal gold jewelry!

Blue Dog Belle said...

I'm impressed you took the plunge. I'm too afraid.

whitney said...

go with jenna's idea. nothing on the top.

but for real.

they make your butt look awesome.

Anonymous said...

I've worn my actual boyfriend's jeans with pumps, a tight tank top and a blazer before. I'm on the (much) shorter side so I'd probably stay away from flats, but if I did chance it I'd do more of a boat shoe or my trusty Toms. I would say just have fun with it!

lil desiqua said...

I think dressed up, with a heel or wedge (especially if you're short like me) would work best! I've seen them dressed down, and it may have just been the person wearing it, but it looked a lil frumpalicious.

Good luck!

Gayla said...

I've seen these jeans on several girls of various heights and build, dressed up and dressed down. Do yourself a favor and just donate them and put the entire ordeal behind you. You are such a girl, you border on being a drag queen. Even a drag queen on casual day wouldn't wear these jeans. Unless someone stole all their clothes!

Lela London said...

Ooh, love how Blair styled hers! I think the best advice is to buy them a little big and always wear with a heel :)

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jerrell said...

um, am i misreading this...
"Roanoke White Power Party?"

CupcakesOMG! said...

@jerrell yes, you read that right, but we did not go INTENTIONALLY!! we went to a party where there was a complete asshole DJ saying some racist things...of course i didn't stand for it so I had to go up and yell at him and even then he didn't feel bad!!! i left screaming and yelling and in the end everyone who was there was glad i confronted the guy. ugh. makes me mad just thinking about it!!

p.s. i even told Jenna people weren't gonna realize she was being facetious in her comment, but she was!!

jerrell said...

that's really funny, i kinda figured, but thought i'd confirm. i like this blog and had my fingers crossed i wouldn't have to stop reading :)

CupcakesOMG! said...

@jerrell i'm so glad you came back to read that!! DONT STOP READING!!! EVERRRRRRR!! :)

Nicole said...

ah, this post completely reflects my current fashion thoughts. I have no freaking idea how to wear them (and as much as I love Emily and Blair but I could never touch their style). I seriously need all the tips I can get.

Jenna | The Eighty Twenty said...

Sorry my comment was so obnoxious! I forget it's not just you reading them, who gets where it's coming from. I should have called it DJ DOUCHEBAG's party.

Unknown said...

I dont think those particular ones are appropriate for work, they have rips - not allowed at my job at least!
I like to wear them with a sort of loose-ish button-down and then pair them with some heels. Or a horiztonal striped top that is sort of slouchy, half tucked in, with heels.
Personally I dont like them with flats because they can already make legs look shorted.
They should fit your waist, you don't wanna have them hanging down! =)

The Urban Umbrella


Erin said...

DEFINITELY wear them with heels. Or maybe wedges. But only really high wedges. (Granted, I pretty much exclusively wear 5 inch heels, so what do I know?)

I'd probably do either a fitted blazer/bustier tank combo or a sleeveless blouse tucked in at the front with them. Though I don't know if I COULD with my build... but I think YOU'LL look great!

Lydia Armstrong said...

I have never been able to do bf jeans, which kinda makes me sad because I really like the look. I have big hips and a large butt to begin with, and it just doesn't work.

Whitney Alison said...

I keep thinking I want a pair of these....but I tried them on (with flats...not advisable) and I looked stumpy as hell. I'm 5'8"....I think they must be worn with heels, a slouchy tee and a statement necklace.

I miss 90s boyfriend jeans...mostly because in the 90s I wasn't trying to look sexy or chic. Just comfortable and 13.

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