Thursday, February 23, 2012

Welcome to Miami

By the time you read this, dear Cupcult, I'll be in Miami, undoubtedly feeling too pale and too non-Spanish speaking compared to everyone else. But who cares?? I'm on vacation! 

This is my first time in Miami, but since my only references are the Golden Girls and Dexter, I'm counting on seeing lots of sassy old ladies and twisted serial killers wandering the streets. I mean, that's accurate, right?
Kyle is whisking me away for a long weekend trip where I intend to soak up the 80+ degree weather, eat as much Cuban food as possible, and finish the third and final book of The Hunger Games series. What??? It's my vacation, I do what I want!

Have you been to Miami? Any advice on the must-see/must-eat places?? Leave me your best Miami tourist tips in the comments. 


whitney said...

viva la miami.

i hope you brought your thong bsuit. i am pretty it is a requirement of sunning on the beaches of the south.

Lydia Armstrong said...

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooo jealous. Have fun! Wear sunscreen! Drink mojitos!

Erica said...

have fun! if you're in south beach go to Ola. best.seviche.ever.

Belle, Christina said...

Have fun in Miami and make sure you get a tan for those of us stuck in the cold!

Oh, and if you see Dexter (or you know, Michael C. Hall), tell him I love him - that's my favorite show!

~ Christina

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