Wednesday, February 29, 2012

La Mer: Navigating the Waters

You've probably heard of La Mer. If you haven't heard of La Mer specifically, you've heard of face creams that cost $150+ for one ounce, right? Yeah, that's La Mer. It's a line of creams and lotions with some "miracle broth" that designed to rejuvenate your skin. Or something. I'm not entirely sure what its accomplishments are supposed to be. All I know is that it's a cult favorite. And at $150 a pop, there's got to be something to it, right? At least, there ought to be. But the fact remains that, despite being a bit of a shopaholic, I can't justify spending that kind of a money on a cream I can't verbalize a need for.

Luckily, Allison at Tartan & Sequins let me in on a little secret: you get two samples when you purchase anything on La Mer's website. Even more brilliant?! La Mer usually has a promo code of some kind (right now it's POWER) that will score you a deluxe sample. Since I already had my eye on the lip balm, I bit the bullet on the $50 price tag and scored about $100 worth of free product. So the way I look at it, I made $50. That's how I do math, anyway.

I actually am surprised at how much I like the lip balm:
Supposedly it too contains the "miracle broth" but all I know is that my scaly lips were completely smooth after just one night! The only thing I don't love about it is that it's in a pot. I prefer a stick for easy application, but whatevs. It's special.

The hydrating infusion is designed to go on your face first to prep for the other treatments:
It felt nice going on, but I wouldn't buy this if it were the only thing I was getting. But it's a great sample.

My deluxe sample was the Gel de la Mer, a gel cream version of their eponymous Creme de la Mer:
 You can use this all over your face and neck if you wanted to.

Here's the tiniest little sample of  Creme de la Mer:
It's thicker than the gel and has a pleasant, fresh smell. You do the same thing with it you would with the gel version.
I've only had this collection for a day, but after using it the first night, the next morning I woke up feeling like my skin was smoother and softer than it had been. I know that sounds crazy, and it could just be a coincidence, but what if it's not???

Look, I realize spending $150 on a tiny jar of face cream is ridiculous, but that's why I'm telling you about this whole "order one thing, get three samples of other things" thing. It's the only way to try this stuff out, man.

Anyone else using La Mer products? What do you think? Did you buy yours or get them as samples??


Anonymous said...

uhh, done. You're a wise woman.


ChinkyGirLMeL said...

oooh I need to check out their website ASAP. =)

Lydia Armstrong said...

Genius. On both your part and theirs. I've always wondered if this stuff was as amazing as it seems. I recently upgraded from my $6 jar of Olay moisturizer to a $40 jar of Clinique and thought I was flossy.

Meg O. said...

That's a great way to try it out! I probably wouldnt pay $150 for cream.. Ever. But getting it for free is another story! Good job on that one!

Audrey Leighton said...

Thank you so much for these helpful tips!!
Will definitely have to try it...hope it is as amazing as it sounds!

Be Frassy

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