Wednesday, February 8, 2012

HIWWI: Valentine's Day Edition

You know those girls who are all "I hate Valentine's Day" or who say they celebrate S.A.D. (Singles' Appreciation Day)? Ugh, gag me with a silver spoon. It's girls like this giving a bad, pathetic name to the rest of us actually cool chicks.

The way I see it, Valentine's Day has about as much to do with love and romance as Kim Kardashian has to do with raising awareness for women's rights in Iran. Sure, if you have a steady beau, it's a great excuse to get him to buy you things, but that's pretty much the point of having a boyfriend to begin with, so let's get our expectations straightened out, first of all. 

You see, Valentine's Day, like most holidays or life events, are really about one thing: your outfit. It's the perfect excuse to pile on the pink, red, and hearts. And no one can say anything to you about.

The Asos dress above is a perfect fit for whatever your V-Day or S.A.D. (and pathetic) night might hold. It's casual enough for drinks with friends and flirty enough for a date. Piled with a matching hot pink boyfriend blazer, and you are officially everyone's Valentine:

We're kinda on a pink roll, so this is no time to ease up. Instead, it's time to pump up the pink with these fuschia lace-up wedges.

And since this is Valentine's Day, after all, no outfit is really complete until you've got a silly heart somewhere on your bod. The one on your sleeve doesn't count. I love this dainty gold pendant.

If you're one of those people who still believes you can't wear white after Labor Day or that pairing black and brown together is one step removed from clubbing baby seals on the "crimes against humanity" benchmark, then you might want to a.) avert your eyes now and b.) leave my blog immediately and never come back. 

Thank god those losers are gone. So let's get crazy. I would 100% recommend pairing this precious pink look with some red Lolita shades like these:

I would further recommend finishing off the look with a swipe of rich red lip color like this:

Because nothing says "I put out/binge on chocolate/cry myself to sleep on Valentine's Day" quite like red lips. Ladies (and gentlemen), you're welcome.

Valentines Day

What are you planning to wear for Valentine's Day??


whitney said...

first: great picks.

second: great photoshopping skills.

that blazer might be the thing i NEED to spice up my black wardrobe...yeah?

Allison said...

OBSESSED with that blazer, and those shoes, and ok everything...including the phrase "gag me with a silver spoon, haha! :)

Lydia Armstrong said...

I sort of love this outfit. And I completely loved this post!! Too true, my friend, too true. And as always, hilariously put. Your model looks really cute in the mash-up pic at the bottom-- I love how her legs really disappear under those shoes.

I'm going to wear something really disgusting on V-day. JK, probably not. Probably just like, red or something.

lucia m said...

love the pink wedges!

Jenna | The Eighty Twenty said...

Thank GOD you did that full outfit thing. I know you did it for me and me alone and for that, I thank you. Now, onto other things like what am I going to wear on VALENTINES day... and did you buy this dress?!?! Because I want you to.

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