Wednesday, November 30, 2011

That Time I Met "The Paleo Project"

CupcakesOMG! Confessional: I hate meeting new people. It's not that I hate the people themselves (although there's always that possibility), it's just the experience of meeting new people that I hate. I mean, come on, you can't honestly tell me that getting past the social veneer so many people put up (i.e., walls and physical boundaries) to try and get some kind of glimpse into what they're all about and determine if what they're about aligns in some way to what you're about, thus opening some kind of gateway to, like, I dunno, lasting friendship, or whatever, is all sunshine and lollipops. That shit is NOT easy! It's full of trite "where did you grow up's" and "what kind of music do you like's" and the inevitable awkward moments where you run out of unoffensive yet cliche conversation topics, glance around the room, check your phone, take a sip of your Molson's and then make uncomfortable eye contact once more to ask something else really irrelevant like "so, how long have you known Lisa?" You totally want to invite me to your Christmas party now, right?

So it came as a complete surprise/relief to me when Jenna (of The Paleo Project fame) and I somehow skipped all that crap and just sort of became friends. It started when an old college friend of mine first introduced me to her blog last spring. Unlike far too many unfortunate bloggers out there, her writing was witty and focused. Her paleo recipes, entirely inspired. And her love of practicing poses in the mirror?? Well, that's how I knew we were destined to be friends. One comment on her blog led to a follow-back on Twitter, which led to a Facebook friending, which led to exchanging phone numbers, which led to a regularly featured joint blog post, which eventually led to a real life in-person meeting this week. A blind date of sorts, if you will. Will you?

I could have been nervous, but I actually wasn't. Something Our mutual obsessions with superficial groom habits and judging people told me we wouldn't be grasping for casual dinner conversation topics. From the moment I saw Jenna, with her long pretty hair, burnt sienna sheer-sleeved top, and adorable Michael Kors bag, I was all "omigod, I hope she loves me as much as I already love her!" 

Oh, here's a fun fact: before we even hopped in the cab to Sibling Rivalry for dinner (the restaurant version of TwoFaced, more or less), we discovered that we share the same middle name. Dawn, for those of you wondering. I don't wanna sound like a dirty hippy or anything, but can you say fate??

I know what you're thinking "Enough with the girl crush love letter...get to the food already!" Okay, I'm sorry, it's you know how exciting it is to click with someone so effortlessly? I don't wanna condone just taking up with random strangers or anything, but really, you should probably think about it. 

Now, as for the food itself, Jenna and I both admitted we wouldn't be adhering to a strict paleo meal, as we found ourselves promptly ordering drinks at the bar. That said, we did end up naturally being drawn to some of the more paleo items on the menu. We started with the mussels in some kind of spicy coconut broth. 
I learned that Jenna basically worhsips at the temple of Goat Cheesus, so she ordered the chicken with green beans and goat cheese.
I ordered the sirloin steak with, wouldn't ya know? Goat cheese mashed potatoes (and onion rings and creamed corn).

The truth is, I can't really even weigh in on how the food was because we just couldn't.stop.chatting. The night was, in a word, magical. More importantly, I didn't have to ask a single question about the kind of movies she likes (but I'm guessing they're all the sames ones I like).

Do you think it would look really desperate of me to call her first??


Unknown said...

hahaha... i love it! and can i be in the obsessed with goat cheese club too? my hilarious uncle told me this 5 yrs ago and i still laugh every time i eat goat cheese (which is a lot) "goat cheese tastes like human urine... and i like it" hahaha wtf?

Annalilly said...

Oh the mussels and the corn look amazing!

Jenna | The Paleo Project said...

ahaha I love this. Every word is legit. We were soooo preoccupied we barely acknowledged the food. I keep dying laughing when I think about the cream cheese conversation. XOX

MaggleBish said...

OMG, that food looks AMAZING!

Kerry said...

This made me laugh. It's so true! Meeting new people is so awkward. P.S. I love the dress you're wearing. Is that awkward too?

Ivana said...

I completely get your point! Meeting new people can be so challenging and awkward, I´m happy that you´ve adressed this issue :) And it´s great to see that with some people it works instantly :) Nice pictures!

I´ve just discovered your lovely blog and I love it! I´m happy to be your new follower :)

xx Ivana

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