Monday, November 21, 2011

Stars Are Blind

Let me just start by saying I don't know how fashion-only bloggers do it. I don't mean the immaculate grooming and the impeccable styling, because obviously I have that down PAT! Specifically, I don't know how they can convince someone with such regularity to put up with their vanity and controlling ways to get a collection of gorgeous and professional-grade photos...or maybe that's just me. I also wonder how they find the most amazing backdrops for their pictures. Perhaps I've been living in the wrong neighborhoods, but the truth is I have no idea where the nearest graffiiti wall is, nor do I frequent any type of flea market that oozes anything other than a desire to take a shower. Not to mention how they have enough time in the week to take three or four sets of these pictures in the DAYTIME!! Do these people have full-time jobs?? Do they live somewhere like Arizona or Indiana where daylight savings time doesn't exist? (haha, jk, no one fashionable lives in Arizona or Indiana!!) 

What I'm getting at is this: I want to do more outfit posts for all of you, really I do, but in an effort to salvage my relationship with Kyle and avoid unleashing my Joan Crawford-worthy diva demands (is asking for an iced tea with no ice too much??), I can only do them sporadically, or when I have something I feel like I HAVE to show off. Cue my new starry cropped jacket and Jeffrey Campbell Audrey wedges.

With the colder weather still struggling to make up its mind whether it wants to hang out with D.C. or not, layering has been key in the last few weeks. It's not so much that this jacket would even keep me warm as much as it's that I just need to justify the reason I keep spending money. But I mean, c'mON! How adorable is its elongated front and cropped back?!
Ever since my favorite Sam Edelman shoes died on me (and are no longer available anywhere!), I had been looking for an alternative nude shoe that would give me a lot of height. Is there any questions as to whether these 6" JC's fit the bill??
I call this picture "Standing, in repose":
I looked so amazing, that I had to check my pulse just to make sure I didn't pass out from being so effing adorable:

For those of you who do manage to get up more than one outfit post up every three months, please leave me all your best secrets and magic tricks in the comments!


Unknown said...

While I can't speak for you fashionistas I do know that some diy bloggers actually search their city driving 20+ miles for a backdrop.... Ppl get a life haha, kidding- kind of but I will say Bryan would laugh if I asked for a pic to be taken so like last week for my shirt post, I used my new wireless remote! Yay, I love it! You should get one!

Jenna | The Paleo Project said...

answer: no they do not have full-time jobs outside of their blog. I feel the same way about food bloggers who are able to photograph their creations in daylight. I've completely given up and I just photograph everything in the pitch dark... it's the new daylight.

I love love love that jacket/boots/your hair and your eye makeup. Stop trying to be cuter than me.

Unknown said...

1. you should live in a really bad, gang infested area! endless amount of graffiti!
2. does your bf have any habits that you are constantly bugging him about? make a deal. i told my bf i'd stop telling him to quit smoking if he would take my photos without complaining. it worked, like once!

i love the jacket! and those shoes are AMAZING!!

Lindsay Rondo said...

cute outfit and i love your truthfulness.


Trish said...

Indiana might be unfashionable (unless mesh belly shirts and cutoff jeans are making a comeback soon) but we DO change time now.

MaggleBish said...

When you find the answers, please let me know, cause I've been wondering the same thing! Except for the graffiti areas, they're all over my neighborhood.

BTW, I'm in freakin' love w/your shoes.

Meg O. said...

Seriously. I don't think there is a post I am not laughing out loud. How can you be this cute and funny? It's not fair. I don't get the fashion blogger photos too. Their poor husbands/boyfriends...

Love love love the wedges and top. Super flattering on you. I wish I could wear something like that right now. Hell, I wish I had a waist right now.

Beatrice Balaj said...

I love the outfit! So adorable! :)
The wedges and jeans are to die for!


Beatrice Balaj said...

I love the outfit! So adorable! :)
The wedges and jeans are to die for!


Hair Romance said...

Lol, I know what you mean! Long suffering boyfriends of fashion bloggers!

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