Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Christmas Shopping for Him (and You)

Christmas shopping for a boyfriend can be stressful. How many polo shirts does one person need? Will he really ever use this rotating tie rack? Does anyone understand why Brookstone is still in business??? I've asked myself all these questions and lived to tell the tale. Here, I've provided you with some insight into great boyfriend gift ideas for him and for you. 

1.) Ugg's Ascot slippers, $100 - You know those nasty socks with the holes in 'em that your boyfriend REFUSES to throw out for some reason, clinging to them for deal life like they're the last item of clothing on Earth designed to keep their feet warm? Yeah, these are the perfect replacement for those. 
Good for him because: He'll stay warm and comfy. 
Good for you because: You don't have to keep asking "is that your socks I smell??"

2.) Steve Jobs biography, $19.25 - You can say a lot of things about Steve Jobs. In fact, Walter Isaacson did just that in about a gagillion pages!!! Give your guy the gift of the written word this year. And when you're doing making him read the entirety of CupcakesOMG!, give him this book.
Good for him because: It will encourage him to get his prostate checked on the reg!
Good for you because: It will free up the TV so you can catch up on this season of RHOBH. 

3.) Koostik walnut iPhone sound dock, $90 - This non-electric sound dock made entirely of solid wood amplifies the iPhone's volume output by 4 times...enough to get a better sound than from the phone itself, but not enough to piss off the neighbors. Plus, it looks super cool.
Good for him because: He can finally listen to Metallica the way it was meant to be heard--through wood!
Good for you because: When I figure out why hearing Metallica coming from a piece of wood is a good thing for you, I'll let you know.

4.) Keihls Ultimate Man Soap, $13 - I get my dad several bars of this every Christmas. He loves the stuff because a.) guys love bar soap, 2.) it smells just faintly or citrus, and c.) it has real pieces of oatmeal, adding enough roughness to make a guy forget he's actually exfoliating.
Good for him because: Hey, a guy's gotta shower!
Good for you because: You won't have to work as hard to convince him to shower!

5.) Keurig Home Brewing System, $149.99 - Earlier this year, coffee czar Starbucks switched single-cup brewing system alliances, leaving Tassimo in favor of Keurig. Anyone who thinks the best part of waking up is delicious coffee in your cup would probably love one of these bad boys for their kitchen.
Good for him because: He'll save money making his own coffee, freeing up valuable assets to take you out to a really, really, really, expensive dinner.
Good for you because: Even if you're not a coffee drinker, you can buy K-cups for hot tea, chai, and hot chocolate!

6.) Ray-Ban Aviators, $189 - I mean, let's get real: who doesn't love the classic aviator?? It's universally flattering and will universally turn guys into complete studs.
Good for him because: He can re-enact his favorite scenes from Top Gun for HOURS!!
Good for you because: You can totally borrow them!

7.) Kenneth Cole watch, $150 - I don't know when guys stopped wearing watches in favor of using their phone to tell time, but it's high time (ha HA!!) we got our men back into timepieces. This one is both classic and makes a statement at a very affordable price.
Good for him because: When you ask him what time it is, he won't sound like such a hypocrite saying "time for you to get a watch! BOO-YAH!"
Good for you because: He will never be late again. And if he is, he has to buy you something pretty.

8.) Amazon Kindle, $79 - LeVar Burton once said "reading is fundamental." John Waters once said "If you go home with someone and they don't have books, don't fuck them." Whether you like your reading endorsement G- or X-rated, the point is, you should be doing it. Now that Kindles are so affordable, you have no choice!!
Good for him because: Reading is sexy and fundamental. But mostly sexy.
Good for you because: You'll look super smart when you hold it for him lounging by the pool. And then you can go back to reading Us Weekly.

9.) Polaroid Grey Label Instant Mobile Printer, $169.95 - We've become a society reliant upon servers, internet connections, and Facebook tags to review our most cherished, documented moments. This instant mobile printer makes it so easy to print photos from your iPhone and camera, he'll actually WANT to take pictures of you in your newest outfit for your blog!!
Good for him because: He can excuse his softer, sentimental side for an undying love all things nerdy.
Good for you because: "Full time live-in photo shoots, bitches!!!!"

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Meg O. said...

Love the list! My hubs is so hard to shop for, but luckily, this year he told me what he wanted! Oh yeah

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