Monday, August 1, 2011

Stop Being Gross and Clean Your Brushes

In my continued effort to overshare with the internet, here are (some of) my make-up brushes.

More specifically, these are my dirty make-up brushes. 

I'm pretty sure there's a rule of thumb about cleaning your make up brushes every few months, or at minimum, every year, but let's face it: I haven't done that. 

Realizing the utensils I use nearly every day were harboring all kinds of potential bacteria and germs, not to mention holding so much product that it had become difficult to get the exact color blush I wanted, I decided it was time to give these bad boys a washing. While many people might find soap and water sufficient, I believe that if you want anything done right, you ought to spend some money, so I picked up this brush and sponge cleanser from Target for a few bucks:

Cleaning your brushes is super easy. You simply spritz the brushes with enough cleanser to get a lather going:

I use this brush in my crease. Clearly, I wear a lot of brown tones. Are you disgusted yet?? Then you're not gonna like this. This is my blush brush. The tips were once white:


This looks like a murder scene because it is one--I'm killing bacteria!!!

So after you've lathered up the disgustingness out of your brush, then you rinse it in the sink until the water runs clear.

And finally, lay them flat to dry.

I love this cleanser. Not only does it get a great lather going, but it smells nice too. Now, hopefully having clean brushes will prevent those zits I you keep getting on my your chin, Grossy McGrosserson.


Unknown said...

this just reminded me that i haven't washed my brushes in... way too long. def. washing them tonight!

Unknown said...

This is really helpful

Thank you for sharing

Joanna said...

thanks for reminding me. I have to clean my brushes too. hahaha! they're nasty.

Anait said...

Thanks for the reminder, I really do need to clean mine :)

So happy to have found your blog!

Leigh said...

great post! i like your sense of humor too-and you remind me that i need to clean my brushes... :)

Mirjam K├Ânig said...

Oh my Gosh they really were dirty! :D
But I love looking on things which weren't that nice and are super clean after! :D
I don't know, but I love cleaning! :D

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