Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Life-Changing Things You Hear in a Dressing Room

Last weekend, I was on a quest for the perfect dress to wear to my boyfriend's brother's wedding. I was making the rounds in Georgetown, and stopped to peruse Zara, naturally.

I didn't find anything for the wedding, however I did snatch up this dress:

But, I'm not blogging to brag about my amazing purchase (though, I will accept adoration and compliments in the comments section). What I really wanted to tell you was what I overheard while I was crying trying on clothes in the dressing room. 

In the whirlwind of scouring the store's inventory for her size, one of my dressing room compadres began inquiring about a particular item. When she asked specifically about ordering something from another store, the sales girl offered an alternative solution: "Starting on September 7th, you can order from Zara online."

You know how they talk about your heart skipping a beat when you fall in love?? I'm positive my heart skipped about 20 beats. I'm basically writing this blog dead.

For Zara customers new and old, the online shop is WELL overdue. Despite its international presence, the European brand somehow missed the boat back in 2003 when, I dunno, EVERY OTHER RETAILER ON THE PLANET began promoting e-commerce!

That said, I feel the cliche "better late than never" is appropriate. Personally, as much as I love Zara for its on-trend garments and affordable prices, I hate the experience of shopping there. My Zara is located in the heart of Georgetown, on the corner of Douchebag Central and Tourist Square. Plus, the place is generally ransacked if you get there anytime ending in a "p.m.", so the size I'm often looking for is long gone. 

Fair warning, though: oftentimes I love something on the hanger or online, but when I try it on, I find that the proportions are off or I don't like the fabric. So, while I'm excited at the possibility of more sizes, colors, and fashions altogether, I'll still probably brave the douchebaggery in Gtown from time to time, just to make sure I really like what I think I like.

How about the rest of you? Are you excited to see Zara coming to an online shop near you?? What about those of you that don't have a Zara within driving distance? Are you likely to start shopping online when it's an option??


Meg O. said...

That is exciting news! It's a trek and a hassle to get to the galleria to go to our Zara. H&M needs to learn too!!

Liz B. said...

First of all I love the dress! really stunning. And second of all I AM SO EXCITED FOR ZARA ONLINE! yay!!

~bumbling bee

mAdi*cakes said...

The dress is lovely. Good job. Also....it's about dang time. I wonder though...maybe I'm completely wrong...and hopefully I am. But every year I hear this for Zara. And it's like only for a day or two. Like it's something they do every year. I know that sounds absolutely crazy but I promise I've heard that before. SO here's to hoping that we can permanently order offline! I live in Tennessee and go to school in Indiana. There is not a Zara in either places. *sad face* So I will most definitely try ordering offline. Great post. Twas funny. Have a great week.

Sunshine - www.cancersurvivor26.blogger.com said...

Nice dress. Not for a wedding? You could really rock that!

Sara said...

Spanish brand, to be more exact. Here in Spain we've been having Zara online for quite a long time now, although I've never purchased anything because of the shipping costs. I prefer buying in Mango online because shipping is free for orders over €30. The good thing about Zara online is that you can buy items online and then go to your nearest shop to pick it, so there aren't any shipping costs that way. However, I don't fully trust Zara's quality, so I prefer touching and trying the item on before buying. Zara has such awful quality. That's another reason why I prefer Mango — much better quality. In any way, both are Spanish brands, so I can keep being fashion-patriotic :P .



Leslie Christen | Fashion Stylist said...

this dress has an amazing curves and the color is FAB

...By the way I LOVE your Blog.
Love Leslie


Ria said...

I'm really excited to have Zara available online. I shop Zara but I don't shop it as much as I would simply because I hate the store experience and never go. I can never find the things I see online and it's just a pain. Can't wait.

P.S- I almost bought that dress but it didn't look good on me :(

Anonymous said...

just found your blog



zara online means glorious things. and scary things. all i can see now is me, awesome funky color wide-leg trousers, dirty pavements and the recorder - i'll have to pick up some sort of talent to beg for money. well, at least my boho/bum look will be zara=d.

thanks again for the fabulous news. seriously.

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