Friday, August 5, 2011

HIWWI: Old Navy Surplus Vest

Utilitarian vests are happening, people, and they're happening now! They're not waiting for the 100-degree weather to subside to make a classy entrance to the fall party, hand-in-hand with printed tights. Nope, they're barging in on this BYOB summer sweat-fest, belly-laughing at our discomfort as we layer in the name of fashion despite the death-defying heat. But ALAS! The joke is on THEM! By pairing a utilitarian vest with something light and feminine, you can safely step outside your door and enjoy the fleeting days of hell summer.

This mini lace dress does just that:

{ASOS Lace dress, $77.58}

Both ivory and lace, everything about this dress challenges the functional structure of the vest. It simultaneously says "I'm saving myself for marriage...unless that cute guy at the bar wants to buy me a drink." Sweet and slutty is what I call a winning combination!!

This nOir ring adds a little glamour, further diluting the "after we go fishing, let's drink some moonshine" vibe of the vest:

...Ditto for the Kenneth Jay Lane tusk lanyard necklace:

I almost chose a pair of gold wedges for this look, but in the end, these strappy neutral ones seemed a more appropriate way to round out the look. And yes, I'm naturally attracted to tassels. Welcome to Excessville, Population: me.

And because I practiced footwear restraint, I think there's no harm in playing up your digits with a bit of sparkle. I love this color from Butter:

lace and military

What about everyone else?? Are you pulling out the vests yet? If so, how are you wearing them? Do you think I'd be crazy to even DEIGN to wear a layer this summer??


Jess Jones said...

Love the look. Very Blake Lively of you, Melissa. I tried the vest on. Runs big. J Crew had a similar one earlier this summer but sold out. Sad face. One rule: just because it is a vest with big pockets and a draw string does not mean you can frump around in it. Amen.

Arina said...

Nice look :)
the dress and the shoes are soooo pretty <3

Sunshine - said...

I am loving all the looks!

Allison said...

I LOVE the idea of wearing this vest with a lace dress!! So adorable. I am so sad this vest isn't in stores anymore - I even checked Ebay & Etsy to try to find people selling theirs! What an awesome find!

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