Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Lobster (Minus the) Roll Lunch

As I was walking back from the bathroom, I passed my coworker Emilee who was eating a lobster roll. She informed me that Red Hook Lobster truck has just gotten its Arlington license and was serving up Maine style lobster rolls right this effing moment.

"I can't have one, frowny face," I thought. "A-ha! Yes, I can...lobster is totally paleo!" So I grabbed my wallet, Dior shades, and my iPhone so I could gchat in what would inevitably be a long line and so that I could look like the important person that I am whilst I waited.

And I was right. Just look at this line:

{This was taken after about 5 minutes in line. All in, it took me 18 minutes to get my roll. Not terrible for an opening day and considering they sold out shortly thereafter, I felt grateful. I was NOT grateful for my underboob sweat, but hey, you can't win them all.}

Eventually, it was my turn. I paid $15 for my Maine style Lobster roll (served with a lemon-based mayo).

Fifteen bucks probably seems steep, but just slow your roll, madame, before you lose your shit. Although I didn't partake, they also have an amazing soda fountain with Maine Root bevvies, which included a variety of diabetes drinks like Blueberry Soda. Furthermore, they were selling FANTASTMAGORIC looking whoopie pies from Whoospie Pies (I'm guessing it's a local bakery). Again, I didn't have one, but Emilee did and it was the size of her face. She said it was filled with marshmallow creme. Emilee is model thin. I hate her. (JK, I totally lovey her. Hi Emilee!!) 

Okay, so back to the $15...yes, for a Wednesday lunch, that is more money than you want to typically spend for one item (no chips, no drink), but, I mean, LOOK AT THIS THING:

That is ALL quality lobster meat. And, look!! An entire claw:

As part of my Whole30 venture with Jenna from The Paleo Project, I'm not eating any grains (among other things like sugar, dairy, beans, thingsthatmakelifeworthliving, etc.), so I didn't touch the bun. 

But, let's face it: who needs a potato roll when you have HUGE chunks of lobster staring you square in the face!?! Weaklings, that's who.

So, bottom line, I think it's highly worth the $15 price tag. There's a generous amount of lobster and it's clearly great quality and because they're a food truck, them come to you! If you just can't get over it though, you might be interested in the $8 shrimp roll, cheapie.


Emilee said...

hahaha love it! and love you!

Katie said...

That makes me wish I liked seafood. Which is kinda sad when you think about it because I live right on the Gulf Coast. But I also know what that water looks like and don't want to eat anything out of it :)

Also, which GTalk app do you have for your iPhone? I can't find one I like!

Unknown said...

my god that looks delish! gotta love those food trucks!

Unknown said...

ok it is my goal in life to eat a real lobster roll on the east coast... im jealie!

Unknown said...

Rosslyn? ROSSLYN?! As in ONE Metro stop from me???

I'm in disbelief...first Joelle (On a Pink Typewriter) and now CupcakesOMG! Are ALL the Whole30-ers in the DC area, except Jenna?!

Sunshine - said...

hahaha...too funny! lobster looks delish, but i think i wouldve ate the roll too.

Meg O. said...

YUM!!! I love me some LOB-STAH!

Lindsay With An "A" said...

Wow!! That looks SO good! Makes me want to be back in MAine - which is where I was over the 4th of July. YUM!

Sewasis said...

OMG, I had one last week for the first time and it was amazing! Usually I'm disappointed in my lobster rolls, they're either too dry or too mayo-ed out, but this was just right!

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