Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mint Iced Tea

I've been craving mint iced tea for the last few days. Maybe it's the natural sweetness of it, maybe it's the fresh flavor it brings to things, or maybe it's because I'm pregnant...who knows why, and frankly, who cares?! All I know is there are few things as refreshing as cold mint iced tea.

Anywho, I made Kyle buy me some mint after our crossfit workout, 'cus I'm after his money, after all, and also because I don't carry my wallet to the gym. With fresh mint in hand, I went to work and made some mint tea. I use real tea leaves, none of that tea bag shit.

It's pretty easy, actually. Boil some water (2 cups or so, I guess), pour over 2 TBSP of your tea of choice (I used black peach tea), and a big handful of torn mint (tearing the mint helps release its oils, and thusly, its flavor). Let that steep for about 7 minutes, and then strain the tea leaves and mint from the tea. Serve over ice and garnish with fresh mint leaves.

You could add some sweetener if you like, but I didn't. I imagine this would also be pretty good with some fresh lemon, but I forgot to make Kyle buy me that. See if your boyfriend will buy you lemon when you make this refreshing beverage yourself.

Are there any other tea drinkers out there? How about iced tea? Or do you stick with hot tea?? Tell me everything about yourself in the comments!!!


Meg O. said...

YUM!!! I totes could go for some right now at midnight.

DressieJessie said...

Made my boyfriend buy me fresh lemon balm last week for same purpose. It was VERY tasty!

Anonymous said...

I make this with actual mint green tea to really savour those refreshing flavours. I let the tea steep for a while to make it nice and strong and add natural honey while it is still hot so that it can melt and lightly sweeten the tea. After it has come to room temperature, I put it in the fridge with some fresh mint leaves and then serve it over ice on a hot day.

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