Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cheap Thrills

This weekend, I was on my own, as Kyle went on his annual tubing/camping trip with friends, or as I call it "hell". I was invited (natch), but I declined because I don't camp (natch). 

Instead, I took myself on a date to the farmer's market, went to the DC air guitar championship where my friend Michael came in 5th, and gave myself a manicure with a new Essie color I picked up today (Super Bossa Nova). Spending nary a dime over $40, I managed to have a busy and fun weekend, even if I didn't have my boyfriend to pick up the tab.

{Blueberries at the farmer's market were twice as expensive
as Whole Foods--and not much more local. But what a great photo op.}

{Bread: it may be the devil,  but damn it's pretty}

{Some of the crazy old-timey cameras I found at the flea market}

{My friend Michael, post-air guitar victory, in the couture costume he made himself}

{Two coats and a top coat make a gal feel ready to brave a new week}


Fash Boulevard said...

These pictures are amazing. I love the one with all of the fruit. I also adore your nail color choice! Beautiful. :)

Thanks you so much for stopping by Fash Boulevard! I would for you stop by again soon! xoxo
I would love if your could follow via blog lovin please.

Katricia said...

So after I glanced at the name of your website, I was drawn. CUPCAKES obsessed, right here!

Anyway, lovely photos! I love farmer's markets! And those vintage cameras are so hipster, and awesome lol!

Peace, Katricia.

Meg O. said...

YUM! I want those berries STAT!! (pregnant woman hungry at midnight) Why are you doing this to me... mint iced tea and now berries????? Anyway, they have an air guitar national contest??? That's awesome! Sounds like a fun weekend to yourself!

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