Monday, May 23, 2011

Girls Run the World, Beyonce Gives Lady Boners

I work in the male-dominated field of sales, which means day in, day out I'm surrounded by ego-maniacal, sports-obsessed, arrogant SOB's. Generally, I wouldn't complain, except sadly, none of them are gay.

{hahahahahaha, nothing like drag humor}

I work with men (more like boys) and sell to men (who can be a-holes) and date men (well, just the one); sometimes I feel like some kind of prostitute wench. Ya know, 'cus I'm surrounded by penii (plural for penis). And although I  feel like one of me is plenty to stand up to a couple dudes, it just gets exhausting. Let's face it, we're from Venus and men are from somewhere-they-refuse-to-stop-and-get-directions-for-ville. Sure, I have girlfriends, but thanks to the endless sausage-fest I call work, it can feel like years between gf visits. So when I get a reminder of just how powerful we lady-people are, it awakens my spirit. It re-energizes my being. It makes me feel whole. 

Put simply, it gives me a lady boner.

That's exactly how I'd describe Beyonce's new single. It's the complete antithesis of how I feel at work. It's a reminder that women will ALWAYS have more power than guys because no matter what technological advancements some nerd at Apple comes up with, no matter what sales jack off writes a methodology book, and no matter what some douche says about your man repelling outfit, NONE of them would be possible without our lady vaginas.

And here, Beyonce looking FIERCE while also getting.shit.done.

And another version because she is so BAD.ACE.


Meg O. said...

I gotta admit... I think the song itself is ridiculously repetitive and annoying, but man, she performed the HEY-LL out of it in the second video. Beyonce will always be my girl.

Death By Shoe said...

Hells yeah! I love her new song!

And as for working with all guys, trust me, it's better! I work with all girls and want to claw my eyes out half the time haha!


CupcakesOMG! said...

Danielle, I've often wondered if I'd like working with women guess is, only if they were pretty and wore cute clothes. But that's how I judge anyone I'm going to befriend, so I may be biased.

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