Thursday, January 6, 2011


In an effort to prove to you that indeed, this blog will start encompassing non-cupcake things, let's talk about footwear, shall we? This is a tricky time of year because you want your feet to stay warm, but you also want to look good (at least, you should want to). I've compiled a few shoes I'm currently obsessed with. Whether they'll keep you warm isn't my problem, but they are great for the transition from winter to spring.

If shoes could be snorted, I'd probably have leather bits on my nostrils right this moment. Here's why:

1. Iris Van Herpen X United Nude, $1,295.95: Only 100 of these made, the crab claw shape means noone else will have them, but at the price of a month's rent, you could be the woman who literally lived in a shoe.

2. Sam Edelman Nivan T-Strap Platform, $98: I'm a HUGE fan of Sam Edelman becuase not only are his shoes adorable and unique, but they're actually really comfortable. "A 5-inch heel, comfortable? Shenanningans!" you say, but it's true! And with just a teeny peep toe and a metallic pewter shade, these are a great shoe to transition from winter to spring.

3. J.Crew Paulina ankle-tie Ballet flats, $188: I rarely wear flats, it's true, but after seeing Black Swan, I'm determined to turn my spring wardrobe into a prima ballerina's dream come true. These will help me do so.

4. The Haus of Price Multi-Gem Shoe, $250: Does this or does this not just make you smile? 'Nuff said.

5. Jeffrey Campbell Lita Multi-Glitter, $159.95: I'm pretty sure his initials are JC for a reason--he IS a God. Again, I bet this shoe is comfortable because of the high platform. A higher platform displaces the height of the heel. It's practically like walking on a cloud when you think of it that way. A cloud made of glitter.


annawithlove said...

your blog is so adorable! love it

Josie said...

Those J.Crew flats -- SO CUTE. I'm a sucker for anything dance-inspired!
xo Josie

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