Thursday, October 14, 2010

"The Anatomy of a Georgetown Cupcake Line"

Anyone that's been on M Street on a day that ends in the letter "y" has no doubt seen the mile-long lines, snaking around the corners of Georgetown's oldest rowhouses, coming from Georgetown Cupcake. You'd think these people were waiting in line for water in Rwanda, braving DC's harshest elements for the possibility of a brush with cupcake greatness.

If you've seen this operational disaster in action, you've probably asked yourself "who ARE these people?" Well, Geoffrey Bible at Vox Populi has done the legwork for us, asking the tough questions to real GCLWs (Georgetown Cupcake Line-Waiters) and the results are both fascinating and not surprising:

Image via Vox Populi

If you're looking for more insight into these crazies, read the full poll results here.

My favorite highlight from the poll: 
"An upset-looking man told us that he only was standing in the line because he loves his wife and she likes Georgetown Cupcake, but he would much rather be at Baked & Wired."

Ahh, love. What an inconvenience.

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