Tuesday, September 14, 2010

National Cupcake Week

You may not have known it, but we are in the midst of National Cupcake week (September 13-19th). In case you didn't get enough cupcakes on a day to day basis, now you get a whole week to worship the little cakes!

Katie, over at Katiecakes, is taking the worshipping to a whole 'nother level. It seems she'll be baking a new cupcake for each day of the week. 

It started with these Oreo cupcakes on Monday:
Photos via Katiecakes

And today, she unveiled these "Elvis" cupcakes (chocolate chip & banana sponge cupcake topped with peanut butter butter cream):

We're only two days in and already I'm salivating. I'm salivating all over my face, people!!! I'm pretty sure the King would feel okay about dying prematurely had he known he'd be enshrined forever in cupcake form like this!

So CupcakesOMG!ers, I realize you may not have plans to bake a new cupcake recipe every day this week, but how are you celebrating National Cupcake Week??

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Anonymous said...

I bought a new halloween cupcake stand and will be testing out a caramel apple cupcake! I will make sure to post to my blog sweetmagnoliacupcakes.blogspot.com

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