Thursday, August 5, 2010

Everything's Coming Up Rainbows!

I don't know if what's gotten into society, but everywhere you turn it seems things are going well:

1. Prop 8 was finally denounced as unconstitutional, which makes this totally okay.
2. This dude spots a literal double rainbow among the Yosemitebear Mountains and officially beats out Adam Lambert as most feminine man alive.
3. My friend Anna introduces me to what will probably go down in history as the best video game ever known to man: Unicorn Robot Attack. It's exactly what it sounds like.

It doesn't take a girl from Kansas to figure out what's going on here...rainbows just make people happy!! Cupcakes make people REALLY happy. Therefore, rainbow cupcakes make people so freaking psychedtheycanteventakeitlikeomgijustwannadieeeeimsooohappyyyyywheeeefdlksdjlk!!

Nobody really captures this sentiment in cupcake form quite like Lyndsay at Coco Cupcakes. Try to look at these and not crack a smile--I dare you!

Image via Coco Cake

Not only is the vanilla cake tie-dyed, but so is the frosting AND the liners. Just sensational!

Not to be outdone, Flickr user ovenhaven made these vanilla frosted rainbow cupcakes:

Kinda reminds me of those colored sand tubes you made as a kid, right?

And finally, Flickr user {Whitney} brings it all home with these striped fruit chew rainbow decorations:

I bet eating a real rainbow is like eating fire.


bearbratproductions said...

Aw they are soooo pretty, so pretty I wouldn't even want to eat them!!!!!:)

Unknown said...

I love these, just made some myself! Check 'em out at I love the rainbow sour strip thingy!
Great Blog!

Kara Endres said...

1. These cupcakes make me happy... I need to make one, then eat one!
2. I died laughing at that double rainbow video... I can't breathe

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