Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hello Cupcake to Open Second Location

Today shall live in infamy, or something else that's really really good, as Hello Cupcake has officially signed its lease to open a second location in Barracks Row by the end of the summer. This, according to Barracks Row Main Street's Twitter account.

Serious journalist that I am, I placed a call to Hello Cupcake to confirm the news. While the location itself wasn't specified, I was informed that, indeed, they will be opening a second location, with an official announcement to come within the next week.

Trashy tabloid journalist that I am, my guess is we can believe Barracks Row's tweet. If it's true, that means that Eastern Market has been fully gentrified. Gone are the days of drive by shootings and midnight muggings; now is the time for locally-grown organic produce, Belgian frites, and the sounds of crying babies hoisted like so much homework in a child's backpack:
Does it look like that kid is trying to strangle his dad to you, too?? 

Like I was saying, Hello Cupcake is probably opening up shop right about here:

I hope they have late-night hours so I can pick up a Peanut Butter Blossom after my long nights of singing Cher Karaoke at Remington's!!! A girl's got to her strength up to, ya know, pass out.

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