Tuesday, February 16, 2010

DC's Newest Reality Show About Cupcakes, Being Cute

There's a new reality show featuring Georgetown Cupcake and its sister-owners that started filming in DC last Friday. Imagine my excitement at the prospect of FINALLY getting my big break when I saw this in the parking lot of Harris Teeter last night:

And now, a brief play-by-play of went through my head:

"OMG! OMG!!! Are Sophie and Katherine inside?? Is this where they buy their ingredients?! How's my hair? I need a touch-up...ASAP!! How should I open? Would it be desperate to just start shouting the name of my blog in the grocery store?! God, that vehicle is dirty."

In all fairness, the weather here hasn't made it easy on car beautification efforts, so I'll let that one side.

Imagine my disappointment when, despite my efforts, I didn't see a single camera in the entire grocery store. Maybe they were at the checkout when I walked in, maybe their camera crew didn't accompany them on this shopping trip, or maybe this was delivery day and neither of the sisters were to be found.

Nevertheless, I've got a new mission over the next few weeks: be.on.this.show. Supposedly debuting on TLC, "Cupcake Sisters" promises the same bakery-style dramedy of "Cake Boss" or "Ace of Cakes", but instead of cakes sculpted into baby buggies and replicas of pets, the stars of the show are the sisters themselves, and of course, their cupcakes. (That's not an innuendo, John Breech.)


Washington Social Diary did a great feature on the show, and even snapped some cool pics...but truth be told, I haven't actually seen the sisters working in the shop since spring of 2009, although I did spot them at Bangkok Bistro last fall. I'm a cupcake papparrazzo!!!!

I'm really excited about this show, obviously, but the real question is when do I get MY reality show?!? Don't y'all wanna see my daily touch-ups, my killer wardrobe, and how I order at Starbucks?! These are life-changing events, people!! Life.Changing.


thetimbrown said...

Start it yourself gurl! All you need is someone to follow you around with a camera. They can film you baking, buying ingredients, tasting other cupcakes, and of course your daily touch-ups, killer wardrobe and Starbucks visits.

And I think video reviews would be a good supplement to your writing!

I'd watch it. Seriously.


thetimbrown said...

Oh yeah and of course put it on Youtube!

CupcakesOMG! said...

tim, i think this is a really great idea. look out for Video Blogs in the near future!!! ;)

eric said...

Um, I think you're a bit early. I believe I overheard it's beginning filming in the summer. Can you imagine how ugly DC looks on camera right now with all of the snow-removal chemicals and black snow on the side of the roads and on everyone's cars still?

CupcakesOMG said...

hi eric--check the link at Washington Social Diary...they're definitely filming it right now. It's over 6 weeks total, so I'm sure they'll get a few decent (i.e., not so ugly) shots of the city!

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