Monday, September 21, 2009

Like I Said, BLT Cupcakes and MORE at More Cupcakes

Like my hair color, it's no secret that I've been realllll lazy on here this month. I'll spare you the details, but suffice it to say, I've been travelling and started a new job. You can read about it here (just scroll down to "MHeraldo") and here.

But like I said, I've been travelling and last weekend I was in Chicago, home of deep dish pizza, Oprah, and da' Bears. Oh, and More Cupcakes, right off the Magnificent Mile:

Yep, that's it. It's a small place, a quiet place, tucked right off of bustling Michigan Avenue. Seriously, there's a lot of bustle going on there.

But when you walk inside of More Cupcakes, this wall of cupcakes awaits you:

 Cupcakes as far as the eye can see, I tell you!! Like chocolate hazelnut brittle:

...or their signature More cupcake (chocolate cupcake with a cream filling topped with chocolate ganache--a fancy ho-ho or ding-dong, if you will):

...or their flavor of the day, Salted Caramel:

Yes, they're all there, like old friends awaiting your arrival, in sweet anticipation of bringing cupcake bliss to your windy city voyage. And, much like I pick my favorite old friends, I had to narrow down the many flavor options to a box of six:

Starting at the top from left to right, yes, that's the chocolate hazelnut brittle, then the salted caramel, and a red velvet cupcake. The bottom row starts with a key lime pie cupcake, then the valrhona chocolate cupcakes (adorned with a gold leaf), and a s'mores cupcake.

How about a close up of the key lime, eh?:

Oh yeah, now we're talkin'! 

Oh, and I also got one of the "flights" of cupcakes. They had two varieties, I got the chocolate flight:

They're basically just sample sizes or mini cupcakes in three different flavors, including their signature cupcake:

OMG, it's so tiny in my hand!!!!

And for the piece de resistance, a savory cupcake (cue the "Hallelujah" choir):
Ah, the savory cupcake. For so long you did elude me, much like some phantom being I would never truly encounter. Thank the cupcake gods though, for the woman so graciously helping me from behind the counter said they had BLT cupcakes on this fateful day.

"BLT cupcakes?!!" I thought. "No, it can't be. I've only ever read about them. You know, like Bigfoot or universal health care. It can't really be..."

Well, little ones, they do exist. And it was BANANAS.

Actually, it was bacon. A sweet bacon cupcake topped with a ranch frosting and sliced cherry tomatoes:
And it was delicious. Dare I say, life changing??!! I can hear the sceptics scoffing at this very moment, but trust me on this--you MUST try one of these.

If you live in/visit/go out of your way to Chicago simply for a bite of heaven, please, please go to More Cupcakes. You'll fall in love with something there, whether it's the flight of mini cupcakes, the savory cupcake selection or this salted caramel beauty:

Because while some dreams only deign to come true, these do, and after all, isn't that what this country is really all about: contributing to the obesity problem and not worrying about how we'll pay for the health implications?


Anonymous said...

Hey Melissa,
I'm loving following your blog... it has been so nice to see cupcakes getting the attention they deserve lately.
I have heard people say that they are getting overexposed with all the new cookbooks & shops etc.; but I say there is no such thing.

If I had realized you were coming to Chicago I would have recommended the cupcake place that just opened in my neighborhood:

nothing too fancy, though they do do a breakfast themed cupcake (more bacon!). Maybe next time!

(the other houstonian that was in phi mu :) )

Katie Elizabeth said...

So glad you enjoyed it! Did they offer any GF options? Last time I was there I don't remember seeing any.

Jada said...

Oh man, can;t believe I've ever heard of this place!! And I used to work on Mag mile! Is it new???

CupcakesOMG! said...

Katie, don't remember the gluten free options (i know, right?!) but i'd be reallll surprised if there weren't any.

Jada, how can you NOT have heard of this cupcake holy land, this mecca of pastry?!? I wish I could have brought you along, but i seriously only had about 30 minutes to do all this in the 24 hours I was in time my time.

Jamie said...

I just saw this link to your blog while I was reading a more current post and was oh so happy! More was my favorite sweet treat place when I lived in Chicago and I L.O.V.E.D. the BLT. Their Smore cupcake was phenomenal as well.

Anyway, I'm just glad you've been there! :)

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