Monday, September 28, 2009

Finally, a Creme Brulee Cupcake!

Y'all have no reason to know this, but I've been searching a long time for this:

It's a creme brulee cupcake. Yeah, I know, right? It's a cupcake. And it's bruleed!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME, RIGHT NOW?!?!

But unfortunately, in the cupcake-iverse, there really hadn't existed a creme brulee cupcake...not like this one anyway. Until this woman, this woman with a whisk, somehow concocted this elusive cupcake treat.

You've got a fluffy vanilla caramel cupcake, topped with a brown sugar meringue frosting, sprinkled with sugar, then bruleed to perfection.

Wait, do you hear that? No, it's not the cracking of the burnt sugar on top as I take a (virtual) bite; it's the sound of the single tear of joy I shed, hitting the table, as I praise the cupcake heavens for bestowing this gift upon me, and the world.

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