Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cupcakes = World Peace

See?? I'm right. I mean, what's new, really, but this time there's substantive proof.

Photo by Simon Milne-Day

The New York Times ran an article today about a string of cupcake shops opening in the Middle East/unifying the world one cupcake at a time.

Granted, I didn't read the article, because I have more important things to do (like reapply my lipgloss) but that's DEFINITELY what the article was about.

Fadi Jaber is owner of Sugar Daddy's, the first American-style cupcake shop in the Middle East. He discovered his real passion for cupcakes during a stint in New York at Billy's Bakery...and for those of you who, I dunno, DON'T have a 2 o'clock touch-up to tend to, then you should g'head and read it.

I, on the other hand, will g'head and continue to be omnipentent cupcake blogger that I am.

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