Thursday, August 20, 2009

Strawberry Peach Basil Cupcakes

By now, it should be quite evident that I'm smitten with filled cupcakes. Though some, I'd rather forget.
I'm a frosting person, so I like to get my money's worth. Plus, they look super pretty when they're cut in half:
This is a vanilla buttermilk cupcakes filled with peach jam, strawberries and basil, topped with vanilla pudding peach/strawberry/basil infused frosting, and drizzled with peach/strawberry syrup. 

Look, I'm creative okay? I have red hair (big ups to my colorist). I write a blog. I live in the city. I wear big jewelry! But how people come up with these concoctions will never cease to amaze me!

This comes from the lady at Beantown Baker (link NSFW--Not Safe For Waistlines). This week she's been doing nothing but making cupcakes. Swoon. She doesn't have the formal recipe written out, but she does a really good job explaining how she made it.
Listen, I've spent the better part of my lunch hour looking at her blog, and all I can say is, I would give my right arm [jewelry] to have one of these. I can find another ring, but you tell me where I can find another strawberry/peach/basil stuffed cupcakes, mmkay?

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